Thursday, February 19, 2009

EJF family - fishing for non-Jewish souls   has the following article. It is interesting that term "eternal Jewish family" is used as bait. The links lead you to another page and then finally to EJF's home page.

Judaism is one of the oldest and most ancient religions in the world, and it can be said that many people can trace their roots back to the original Jews; the children of Israel. But for whatever reason, many of those who have Jewish ancestry are no longer Jewish today, yet are curious about the religion of their heritage. Furthermore, more and more are converting to Judaism, whether because of family ties, spouses, or simply of their own accord, to create their own eternal Jewish family.

If a person wishes to convert to Judaism, there are a few steps they need to take. Most often, an individual’s intent to convert will be reviewed by a rabbi before any ceremony can take place. Once the rabbi believes a convert to be worthy and ready for conversion, they will face a three person religious court to be tested on their knowledge and intent of the religion.

Once the religious court has verified the convert, he or she will then undergo a process of immersion called a mikveh, which is a symbolic cleansing before entering into the faith. Conversion is an important step to an eternal Jewish family. Those who undertake do not do so lightly, and are warned of their responsibilities to the faith and their families after conversion.


  1. I have some sympathy for the view that conversion has been made too difficult, but this is behavior is outrageous. They might as well have put a little (tm) symbol after each use of the term.

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