Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chief Rabbi Amar - "we did not cancel any conversions!"

YNET reports

Rabbi Amar referred to the Rabbi Druckman case, saying that “actually we did not cancel any conversion, but the specific case discussed was returned to the local rabbinical court. People claimed certain things and the religious judges said that if they will be proven as true, the conversion will be cancelled. In the meantime, we have not yet convened with the involved parties and thus I cannot express my stance on the issue.” The chief rabbi added that the amount of press surrounding this case is inappropriate. “Like in any situation, here too the judges are divided, and such is God’s way," Amar said.


  1. "We did not cancel any conversions", because the conversions in question never happened.

    It seems clear that Rabbi Amar is not planning to overturn Rav Sherman's Psak and that PM Olmert is also on board as Rav Druckman has been retired.

    Olmert is 100% behind Rav Sherman's ruling because the same is also being demanded by Syria as part of the peace negotiations.

  2. Olmert is 100% behind Rav Sherman's ruling because the same is also being demanded by Syria as part of the peace negotiations.
    I don't understand. What precisely is Syria demanding that has to do with Rav Sherman?

  3. Dear Larry Lennhoff,
    To try to briefly answer your question,

    "Why the Arab world would like to stop the immigration of non Jews to Israel":

    Muslims seem to understand better that which many Jews do not; that is that Evangelical Christians expend billions of dollars and tremendous personal effort each year to "aid" to Israel, their pseudonym for efforts to convert Jews to Christianity.

    The Arab world knows that Evangelicals are funding the immigration to Israel of Christians from South and Latin America, FSU, India, Ethiopia etc. in order to missionize the entire Middle East.
    (This article from the Wall Street Journal was reprinted in the American Muslim 1/10/07
    This one about John John Hagee on 9/26/06
    And this synopsis of media on the topic of Evangelizing Muslims and Jews

    The Arab world also understands that Christian interest in Israel has nothing to do with the destiny of the Jewish people, but only with capturing the Holy Land for Jesus, a goal they have been striving to achieve for 2000 years.

    For example, Christian Witness to Israel is an international, non-denominational, evangelical missionary society
    dating back to 1842. Their goal is to "to make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19). They claim that the NT mandate gives special place to Jewish evangelism: "the gospel is the power of God unto salvation... for the Jew first" (Romans 1:16). They say "Jewish evangelism is our particular responsibility, Jewish evangelism is given a central place. Romans 1:16."

    It is a fundamental aspect of Christian doctrine that Christians witness to non Christians. There is no such thing as a Christian who is not a missionary, witnessing is a fundamental obligation of every Christian in all situations.

    In a paper entitled "Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World", Sheikh Salman Al-Odeh discusses: (mine)

    "the new ways that Christian missionaries are using in the Islamic world,.... (narrowing)the great gap between Islam and Christianity such as the principle of trinity and escalation of Jesus" (sound familiar?)
    "the growth rates of Muslims are much higher, so what you notice now is that (Evangelical Christians) try to completely terminate the Islamic existence" (via mass immigration to the Middle East from Russia).
    "The pope made seven visits to Africa! .......300,000 Muslims were converted to Christianity in the last two years. "

    "Concerning Algeria, I read a report in the magazine "Al-Salam Al-Islami", issue 1229, it says that French occupation came to Algeria originally to convert Algeria into a Christian country, the marshal Vego used to say "the days of Islam are few"(this is documented in "Battle of Algiers" 1966). "


    Today, there is a strategic and well-crafted plan, funded by billions of dollars, to missionize Jews in Israel. This is no exaggeration; literally billions are being spent to convert Jews across the world and specifically in Israel.

    There is a book written by a notorious Christian preacher and missionary of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism, the world's most aggressive Christian missionary support group, founded by none other than Reverend Billy Graham, in which he describes how he and his wife made aliyah several years ago. In his Messianic Jewish Manifesto, the author calls for Christians to go ahead with the attempt at aliyah.

    The kings of American Evangelism Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have both been involved in proselytizing to the Arab world by radio from Israel. Christian evangelicals have been issued hundreds of licenses to operate radio stations based out of Jerusalem which broadcast Christianity to the Arab world.

    There is not only a radio campaign, but a television one as well. In 1979 that Robertson's organization began broadcasting Christian programming 28 hours a week from Israel. In 1982, Hope TV station, Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network became Middle East Television. In 1997, Middle East Television began Christian evangelism on the AMOS-1 communication satellite over the Middle East to a potential audience of 200 million people in 15 nations, including Israel. They broadcast their idolatry over Israel's channel 24.

    Christian evangelical groups in Israel operate the Joseph Project. It is an organization designed to look like a humanitarian organization, but is actually a missionary based group that targets Russian-speaking immigrants. (Joseph Project is a division of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America which is endorsed by mainstream Christian organizations, including the Christian Coalition of America, Christian Broadcasting Network, Promise Keepers and many others).

    President Bashar al-Assad's economic liberalization policies have spurred tremendous opportunities in Syria. New laws are easing over 40 years of private investment restrictions and opening up most economic sectors to private capital.

    Assad has expressed a desire to form economic alliances with Israel in a private meeting with Jack Avital leader of the Syrian Jewish community in America.

    But what Assad does NOT want in his country are Christian Evangelicals and he has made this abundantly clear to anyone who will listen!!

    In fact Assad blames the US for terrorism in Syria stating:,1518,438804,00.html

    "this attack happened precisely because of American policies in our region. (My note, not Israel, America!).

    SPIEGEL: Why should the Americans be at fault?

    Assad: Because they contribute to hopelessness in our country, and to silencing the dialogue between cultures. And then there is the condescending language -- the expression "islamofascism," which President Bush used, is a prime example. The pope's recent comments are also part of it. Such statements complicate the situation and create this need for revenge."

    I hope this might begin to touch on a VERY complicated issue; that is why aid from US Evangelicals poses a severe threat to the Jewish people physically as well as spiritually.

  4. If I understand this correctly, Assad wants Israel to recognize, expose and neutralize the Christian missionary army that sits on his border.

    Sounds like a common interest if ever I heard one.


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