Friday, April 25, 2008

Proselytizing the Hispanic community I - The halachic paradox of the non-Jewish descendants of anousim (marranos)

It is well known that people who claim to be Jewish because they might be descended from the Jews who were forced to convert in Spain and Portugal - are not Jewish. However not only are they welcomed when they convert - but there are a number of organizations which encourage them i.e., proselytize them. We have mentioned Rabbi Manny Vinas in a number of posts. However there seems to be other - more well known rabbis involved. Look at the following letters.

In addition there is a puzzling letter from R' Aaron Soloveitchik which accords them the assumption of being Jewish - but at the same time requires them to convert for marriage.

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  1. This puzzle has a simple solution.

    The missionaries are highly educated and when put "on the spot" properly answer the questions that are put to them.

    Most Jews find almost impossible to believe, or accept, that a person who is well educated in the Gemara could still believe in the fundamentals of Christianity.

    This is a dangerous error.

    It is highly unlikely that the gedolim in question who signed these letters even met the persons involved, and even if they did, the people would have the right answers to the questions. (Sort of like how Manny Vinas is a different person in English vs. Spanish).

    These great Rabbis were simply duped and used, just like Rav Elyashev was duped early on regarding EJF.


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