Friday, April 11, 2008

Cheshbon Hanefesh - Let's pause to take an accounting

There has of late been significant dispute and strong disagreement on this blog between our commentators - especially since Eternal Jewish Family seems to be fading from the picture. I have basically stayed out and not expressed my views on these internal dispute - even though I do have strong opinions on the matter. However by not publicly judging the views - I think a great deal of relevant information has been presented - mostly with great clarity and cogency.

It is important to keep in mind that we are dealing with a complex halachic issue which is complicated by contradictory social realities and muddled by unclear and inconsistent goals of the various authorities and communities involved. That is why I am being very cautious about what I post. My silence should not be interpreted to mean that I agree with the comment. Nor should my lack of support indicate that I doubt the veracity of the information. I have gained much insight and clarity through the sincere - though sometimes abrasive - debate. While some of the comments have been abusive and insulting - I realize the pain and genuine concern that motivated them. They would have been more effective if presented in a more respectful manner.

The information that I post - as well as the comments - are being read daily by many people around the world. The number of daily hits has been significantly increasing as well as the influence of this blog on these issues.

I just want to express my appreciation of your efforts and to update you on what is happening. I also greatly appreciate the material which has been sent to me directly - some of which has been the basis of a number of my postings.


  1. Thank YOU, sincerely for your life's work on behalf of Klal Yisroel.

    May Hashem Bless you and your entire family. May you know only Simcha and Nachas from all of those around you.

    May Hashem reward your efforts on behalf of the Jewish people both in this world and the World to Come. May you be blessed with every possible Bracha as Hashem blessed Avraham Avinu.

    With all best wishes for a Hag Kasher v'Sameach and a Green and Fruitful year.

    Next year we should all be in Jerusalem!

  2. I agree with Jersey Girl on this one, that you deserve our thanks and a huge Yasher Koach for being so patient and willing to air the discussions.

    At the moment, time hasfinally caught up with me, with now less than a week before Pesach, and both Pesach and some big family simchas loom and are demanding of my time.

    Hope to be back when time allows.

    Just to clarify, I stand by everything I have stated, which was pretty basic and common knowledge from what I can tell, and I thank Jersey Girl for showing a receptiveness to the complexity of the issues involved, as the facts came from reliable sources.

    Wishing everyone a Chag Kosher VeSameach and Kol Tuv!

  3. Chag Kasher v'Sameach to you and your family also RaP.

    Working on this blog has been a nearly full time job for you these past weeks.I sincerely appreciate all of the effort and time you have given for the benefit of all of us. And you should know that it is very much appreciated.


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