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Stupid assertion! - Only work on big problems

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Anonymous said...

to all the critics:

If you are so bothered by his proseltyzing (and there is for your criticism) how come we do not hear you critizing the real crminals; those who fool people to say the are converted and there is no kabbalat hamitzvot and they arE REAL GOYIM!amongst us by *your* rabbis! making money from these phoney conversions t support the eydems in kollel?! THis is the real crime; not the ones who make a cnversion According to shulchan oruch (tropper asks for kabbolas hamitzvot; they are gerim -and if go bad they are like yisroel mumor) the converts from your rabbis who do not ask for kabbolas hamitzvot are goyim gemurim. IF yu really think leshem shomayim i would hear you criticize and put ads on the JP with the names of the criminals.


The answer to your question is so obvious I am surprised you are asking it. The rabbis who are doing these things typically deny that they are doing that which you accuse them of doing. It is difficult to produce irrefutable legal evidence of these activities. In contrast what EJF does is being done openly with great publicity. They are proud of everything they do. I am simply asking for the halachic basis for that which they acknowledge they are doing.

Furthermore, what nonsensical arguments you are making. I am dealing with issues that are readily solvable. Why should I tackle problems that are way beyond my resources? Why aren't you taking care of them. I have no obligation to solve all the problems in the world - even if they are much greater than the ones I am involved in.

Why are you so foolish in saying I shouldn't be raising legitimate concerns - especially since you acknowledge that they are legitimate.

You are bravely making anonymous pronouncements on an insignificant blog - why don't you stand up and do something?

There is a famous parable of the Chofets Chaim. A ship traveling in the Pacific stopped at an uninhabited island to take on fresh water. The passengers were allows to wander along the beach for a short time but were warned to return to the boats when they heard the warning bells. One of the passengers stumbled on a treasure chest half buried in the sand - it was full of money and jewels. He was filling his pockets when he heard the warning bells. He quickly emptied his pockets of all that he had collected saying - "if I can't get it all I am not taking any."

This is your attitude. I shouldn't waste my time helping improve the system if I can't correct the whole mess.

Where are the brave souls to help the Jewish people in this time of dire need ? Instead I hear from cowards who "courageously" condemn me for asking a legitimate question but don't have the guts to publicly work against the rot that is in the system.


  1. I thought i'm dealing with a reasonable guy. Why do you need to resort to ridicule your opponent. Bu now I see that you cannot take the heat. Actually I now think that you are actually not leshem shomayim.

    1) I showed you that *REb Moshe* (one who writes the yad moshe should know the source) writes that he is adamant about the situation of conversions in the USA.

    2) I know firsthand the real horror stories by people who do not care to ask for basic kabbalat hamitzvot and/or rabbis who convert for money!

    3) You do not care for the truth; otherwisae you would be a bit less harsh on EJF who came to *fix* t he problem. They, do demand kabolas hamitzvot. They will not covnert unless there is an infrastructure for kabbaloas hamtizvot. You actually work to shove this problem under the rug and instead villify the intetionso fo EJf and present a problem which is far far LESS than BRINGING GOYIM INTO KLAL YISROEL AND SAYING THEY ARE YIDDEN! You do NOT care for this and are into a stupid rampage on those who wish to fix the problem without even acknowleging the corruption in brigning goytim into klal yisroel for money.

    Before you attack go ask around do your homework. IT will do better for your service. Until then your vendetta against them will not give you any hatzlacha in a possible legitimate concern that you may have. GOODBYE!

  2. It is a smear by the EJF against other rabbis who perform conversion. They say that other rabbis do not care about the kabalat mitvot of the candidates, this is not true, every rabbi demands from the candidate complete observance,

    The problem is what to do after a day, a week, a month, a year when the convert stops mekayaem miozvos. Does the EJF has enough money to hire private detectives to follow her around ? how do they break into her fridge ?. The EJF has the same problem other rabbis have.

    The only way to reduce those cases is to make it hard in the beginning but the EJF just does the opposite.

    Yelamdenu rabeno how the EJF is doing better than other rabbis in preventing those cases.

  3. to smearer at EJF,

    THe missing sechel of the blogger cannot comprehend simple things that REb Moshe wrote in his teshuvot ecades ago (it appears that bloger is a cataloguer -and a weak one- but has no understanding in what is written), rEb moshe was very troubled by the conversions done for marriage f intermarried couples saw that there is no kabbalat hamitzvot FROM THE BEGGINING1 not as the tupid blogger cannot comprehend, because there is no interest in either side to keep mitzvot, so frm the very beggining there is no kabbalat mitzvot the whle thing is a fraud.EJF has changed this stance. THe stupid blogger cannt take that they started a new approach to make real standards for cnveron and has reb moshe's' 'son at his side and start attacking them mercilessly.

    machlkess sheloy leshem shomayim BUT FOR A VENDETTTA BY SOMEONE STUPID!


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