Monday, December 4, 2023


I have been working on a sefer that tries to define the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural i.e. idolatry and segulas and heresy magic medicine and miracles - the sefer has grown to over 1700 pages without getting passed the conclusion that it is a machlokes. It is too big and there is no clear path to make it smaller

This Shabbos an Avreich asked me whether I have ever written a sefer about parnossa

While my sefer Daas Torah mentions this with regard to bitachon, I realized this also involves the boundary between the natural and supernatural. In particular the idea of hishstadlus. Therefore I am starting over from this perspective and hopefully can a clearer picture in less than 800 pages. This seems very relevant to the many Kollel couples who were told not to worry about money but to have bitachon or the current position in the chareidi world that there is no need for an army or doctors if we are devoted to Torah study and mitzvos and/or segulos

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