Tuesday, October 31, 2023

peace plan

Yesterday a secular Israeli indicated that I was crazy and that made me realize the solution for peace
He said "Is it true you  used to live in New York but moved to Israel!?
When I said yes he became agitated and asked maybe you lived in the dangerous section of Bronx?
And I said no it was the best Jewish part of Flatbush!
in short he thought I was crazy!

For many weeks secular Israelis have been demonstrating for a secure secular Democracy or threatening to leave Israel
My solution is not the impractical two state solution but the 70 nation solution
Every Israeli and Palestinian will be given an alternative country with full citizenship employment and dwelling
I think enough would move that there would be no one left to fight!
it would be cheaper that the constant and unlimited  funding needed to support the present situation
The only problem is the fanatics  on both sides who will only live in Israel or don't want Jews to live there 
but we already have no solution to that

The Amshinover Rebbe told a  friend of mine who was forced to return to America for financial reasons

"It is better to be in New York longing to live in Israel that to live in Israel but longing to be in New York!"

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