Tuesday, October 4, 2022

When It is Medically Required to Eat on Yom Kippur



Ideally, one should try to space them every nine minutes.

The view of Rav Chaim Na-eh for food is 8 minutes (See Shiurei Torah 3:15).

Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l writes (Igros Moshe OC IV #41) that b’dieved – in a case of need, they should have a gap of 4 minutes between them.


In regard to liquids one should shoot for a nine minute gap, but if not – a four minute gap.

If this is not possible, then, for liquids, one should try to fulfill the view of the Chasam Sofer (Responsa Volume VI #23) of a gap of at least two minutes.

The timing is based on the concept of the eating of a Pras – four eggs. The Mishna Brurah writes 618:20 that the shiur for this is nine minutes. These are the main views


  1. Most years I get left alone. This year 3 people asked me about this. And 1 about using "enhanced iv" as a prep.

  2. Some people have an IV line opened for them before Yom Kippur, so that they can totally avoid eating, by getting what they need, intravenously.

  3. Yeah, not recommended. Kind of an unacceptable end-run around inui.

  4. Why do you think it's "not recommended"?
    What does "inui" mean?
    Why is this "unacceptable"?

  5. is it for those with medical need, or just a shortcut to make fasting easier?

  6. Is that the norm where you are domiciled?

    I am domiciled in the NY/NJ area.
    I have had to do shiurim for years already.
    None of the Rabbanim (I switched when I moved out of state) that I consulted with ever mentioned that to me.
    Heaven forbid that I am doubting your knowledge.

    (FYI, I am exceedingly grateful that it wasn't, as I have terrible rolling and small veins. IVs are painful for me. They didn't know that because it never came up.)

    That's so very fascinating, though.


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