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Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky Homosexuals Hakirah 12

   Vol 12 Goldberg on Scribd


  1. Excellent. Thank you. I note that this is from 2011, by Arthur Goldberg, author of Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change
    (LosAngeles: Red Heifer Press, 2008). Nothing here on the K-G garbage heter. May I talk of the K-G garbage heter?
    My Bar-Ilan disk-on-key has 10,916 mentions of mekach taut. The first is Kethuboth 12b:
    “Mishnah. If a man [lit., he who marries] marries a woman and does not find [lit., and he did not find] in her virginity [and] she says, after thou hadst betrothed me [unto thee] משארסתני I was forced נאנסתי and [so] thy field has been inundated [i.e it is thy loss] and he says, no, but [it occurred] before I betrothed thee [to me] and my bargain והיה מקחי was a mistaken bargain מקח טעות. Rabban Gamaliel and R. Eliezer say [that] she is believed. [but] R. Joshua says: we do not live from her mouth [i.e., we do not go by what she says and we do not believe her], but she is in the presumption of having had intercourse [with another man] before she was betrothed and having deceived him והטעתו, until she brings proof for her statement [Lit., for her words].”
    The Bible source is “A man marries a woman and cohabits with her. Then he takes an aversion to her and makes up charges against her and defames her, saying, I married this woman; but when I approached her, I found that she was not a virgin ולא מצאתי לה בתולים. In such a case, the girl’s father and mother shall produce the evidence of the girl’s virginity את בתולי ההנערה before the elders of the town at the gate. And the girl’s father shall say to the elders, I gave this man my daughter to wife, but he has taken an aversion to her וישנאה; so he has made up charges והנה הוא שם עלילת דברים , saying, I did not find your daughter a virgin בתולים But here is the evidence of my daughter’s virginity! And they shall spread out the cloth before the elders of the town. The elders of that town shall then take the man and flog him, and they shall fine him a hundred [shekels of] silver and give it to the girl’s father; for the man has defamed a virgin in Israel כי הוציא שם רע על בתולת ישראל. Moreover, she shall remain his wife; he shall never have the right to divorce her.” (Deuteronomy 22:13-19).
    Rabbi Willig gave a decent analysis of mekach taut until he started with:
    ומוכח מכל זה, דאע"פ שיש זמנים שאינו מתנהג כשוטה, מ"מ כל שיש בו מחלת שטות שסופה להגיע לדרגת אין אדם דר עם נחש בכפיפה אחת, קידושי טעות הן.
    Obviously Rabbi Willig is a big supporter of the K-G garbage heter.

  2. Would be Nice ,if not for

    the Tamar epstein fiasco,..... fake agunah fake "heter" too bad ...

  3. Do you know why the Tanaim recommend that pure girls marry on a Wednesday? Because throughout Israel local bet din courts meet on Mondays and Thrusdays. Any challenges of mekach taut, by him or by her or by both, could be dealt with fast---the very next day. If she sees a mum or such, she must speak up and not wait until years laters, after a baby, as the fake agunah Tamar using the garbage K-G heter.
    Kethuboth 2a
    “Mishnah. A maiden בתולה is married נשאת [lit., is taken as wife] on the fourth day [of the week] and a widow on the fifth day, for twice in the week the courts of justice בתי דינין [lit., houses of judgment (law, justice)] sit in the towns, on the second day [of the week] and on the fifth day, so that if he [the husband] [Lit., ‘houses of judgment (law, justice) Lit., ‘houses of judgment (law, justice)] had a claim as to the virginity [of the maiden-bride] he could go early [on the morning of the fifth day of the week] to the court of justice.”
    תלמוד בבלי מסכת כתובות דף ב עמוד א
    בתולה נשאת ליום הרביעי, ואלמנה - ליום החמישי; שפעמים בשבת בתי דינין יושבין בעיירות, ביום השני וביום החמישי, שאם היה לו טענת בתולים היה משכים לבית דין.
    חידושי הרשב"א מסכת כתובות דף ב עמוד א
    בתולה נשאת ביום הרביעי ואלמנה ביום חמישי וכו' שאם היה טוען טענת בתולים היה משכים לב"ד. פרש"י ז"ל מתוך שבא לב"ד ישמע הקול ויבואו עדים ויעידו,
    Yes, her or she bringing a charge of mekach taut must go to a bet din and bring witnesses if necessary to support the charge. The bet din must examine the fake/phony PhD psychology letter. Actually the bet din must examine the writers of the fake/phony PhD psychology letter. Follow KA and other K-G garbage heter supporters?

  4. \item I was only a few days beyond the 30 days limit of Rules of Ct of Appeals
    22 NYCRR \S 500.24b, yet the NYS Court of Appeals ruled that I was untimely---most unfair. 22 NYCRR \S 500.24b states: Timeliness. Movant shall serve the notice of motion not later than 30 days after the appeal, certified question or motion sought to be reargued has been decided, unless otherwise permitted by the Court. I requested from John P.\ Asiello, Clerk of the Court a short time extension on the basis that I'm in Israel, an old man, pro se, and the issue is judicial fraud. He assigned me a number Mo.\ No.\ 2019--649 permitting that I was a few days beyond the 30 day limit. The Court of Appeals then to dismiss my motion 19-649 as untimely is unfair and inappropriate.

  5. An equation having four unknowns!
    * כל שיש בו מחלת שטות * שסופה להגיע

    1) We have no Doctor identified, whether he even exists!
    2) We haven't identified an alleged ailment!
    3) having said both aforementioned, how can you diagnose long term *שטות שסופה* without even existing any of a short term!
    4) On such, even R. Willig won't be *willig* to support this KGB GarBage, fake, fraud and phoney MUTAR HETER!

    YONAH FEIGELE was sued out of existence.
    * Hayahafoch kushi oro venomer chabarburotav * ?
    Although the plumbing might be the same, the wiring is different.
    IF and When they complain to yotzri sheborani, Torah haKdoshah replies, turn the electric wiring switch to OFF.


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