Thursday, September 7, 2017

AYIN Harah or mechilah

When I was involved  in the tropper scandal Rav Sternbuch told me to go to Bdatz and have Beis Din remove aiyin harah

Asked him again now if I should go, he said no, there is no issue of aiyin harah in the present case.
He was asked about asking mechila, he said no, because I thought I was right.


  1. how do a BD remove Ay'H?

  2. RDE, which case is the "present case" that you refer to that Rav Shternbuch told you there's no need for ayin hora removal?

  3. You may think you were right but many rabonim held you were wrong in your approach and you should have listened to them.

  4. As opposed to what? Last time you thought you were wrong?

  5. You are denying the obvious. The rabonim were very much against what you did. You want to be מבזה them, that's your choice but don't give us an excuse that what you did was right. Every one knows you have no problem to be מבזה תלמידי חכמים ברבים and to be רודף them.

  6. Cyril Fotheringay-PhippsSeptember 11, 2017 at 9:28 PM

    I don't think "ayin hara" is the appropriate issue. The question is whether you displeased Hashem with your attacks, and He silenced you.

    Hard to say for sure when it comes to these things. There are all sorts of lowlifes who are very healthy and doing fine. But if you're worried about something, then that's what you should worry about.

    I wouldn't put much stock in what RMS told you. As the old saying goes, "she'ailas choshom chatzi t'shuva". Or, alternatively, GIGO.

    [FWIW, I think RSK made a big mistake in this matter, but that doesn't take away from his status in Torah, chesed, and yiras shomayim, and his long history in service of Torah and Klal Yisroel. Everyone makes mistakes. They say someone once told the Beis Halevy that he did (or said) something stupid, and he responded "and when HKBH wants to fulfill his words 'meishiv chachomim achor v'daatam yisakel' who is He going to do it with - a tipish like you?" No one is perfect. But your attacks were far far over the top, and you will have to give a din v'chechbon for them, either in this world or the next.]

  7. I think that a contributing factor to the stroke was tension and pressure about Donald Trump's election; and how bad a person he was, how the world we knew it to be was now going to come to an end, yada yada.
    The obsessive treatment of Trump on this blog, detracted from years of fine blogging. So maybe Hashem decided that if someone is making himslf "narish", then it's time to stop, so that he will be remembered for the good that he did, not for his "narishkeit".

  8. Ones I herd a the following question:
    What is better: someone who thinks that he should be in the mizrach with the rest of the rabanim but he doesn't reicive the kavod. (and doesn't deserve it.) .

    Or someone that they sit him in the mizrach but thinks that he doesn't deserve that kavod (and doesn't deserve it.) .

    A very chashuv Rav said that the first is better, because after years of realizing that the Olam don't give him the kavod he will understand that he doesn't belong there.

    the second one after some time will think that he really deserved it.

    BH you are in the first group. You don't belong in the group of our gedolim, you are not even entitled to understand them. you have only written index books, (including daas Torah, a expensive index for rishonim) and a blogger. Your intentions are good, so you still have hope to acept your position and Bsd continue writing indexes and blogging, but not against the rabanim.

    So you still have hope. !!!

  9. " he said no, because I thought I was right"
    bec. u THought you were right or because you Were right?
    please clarify. thanks
    refuah shleima, shana tova umetuka


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