Sunday, August 13, 2017

Whats the line between Judaism and xrist

Davening at the bed the Rebbe died on.


  1. Jews pray to the Living G-d, who created the universe, and all in it, while others believe that a human being who live a long time ago was god, and they pray to that dead man-god.

    I don't believe that these boys were praying to the dead rebbe, nor to his deathbed. The merely viewed his deathbed as a site more auspicious for prayer to G-d, like the gravesites of the righteous.

  2. Why's the bed different than a grave?

  3. Military history buffs visit battlefields to see the critical terrain for themselves and reconstruct the events in their own minds. Golfers like to play courses that the greats of the game have played.

    This bed is the "ground" where their Rebbe entrusted his neshama to G-d for good, and presumably where their Rebbe exerted himself in avodah night after night as he entrusted his neshama to G-d in the "1/60th part of death."

    Why shouldn't the Rebbe's young chassidim daven there in their war against the yetzer?

  4. What group are the boys from? Lubavitchers don't have peyos like this.

    (PS Rabbi Eidensohn, last week I sent you an email. Are you reading your emails lately? Thank you.)

  5. In general, the danger in Chabad begins with seeing the Rebbe as absolutely unique. Can the Baal HaTanya come back as Moshiach - no, the Rebbe is more qualified... Well maybe we should daven to him....

    Going to Tzadikim's graves is widespread so this problem of uniqueness doesn't exist. If suddenly people started going to ALL Tzadikim's beds then that problem would also go away. Till then, its being unique makes it yet another red flag.

  6. So if one has no issues with a kever then one should similarly have no issues with a bed?

  7. At least they're not davening TO the bed


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