Friday, November 30, 2012

Weberman trial: Illegal picture taking of accuser

NYTimes   The trial of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish counselor accused of repeatedly molesting a girl was disrupted on Thursday afternoon when four spectators in a Brooklyn courtroom were accused of taking pictures with their cellphones of the accuser on the witness stand. [...]

The accuser, who is now 17, has testified that she and her family had faced a pattern of intimidation from the Satmar Hasidic community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, since she alleged last year that Nechemya Weberman, the unlicensed therapist her parents had sent her to for counseling, repeatedly forced her to have oral sex during their sessions together from the time she was 12 until she turned 15. [...]

Mr. Weberman’s accuser had already been provided with increased security after onlookers said they spotted Mr. Weberman staring at her threateningly through the window of a conference room as she rested during a break in the court session on Wednesday, said Jerry Schmetterer, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office. The defense denies that Mr. Weberman did this.[...]

The phones of the four men arrested had photos of the teenager that had been taken in the courtroom, and one photo appeared to have already been posted to Twitter, Mr. Schmetterer said. David Bookstaver, a spokesman for the court, said that Judge Ingram also admonished the men before allowing the trial to continue.


  1. Recipients and PublicityNovember 30, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    The cell phone picture-snapping Chasidim are just revealing the failures of their educational systems to teach basic simple American civics. Or as anyone who has ever read some news of trials, that only court-approved artists are allowed to sketch pictures of people, but taking pictures or video is forbidden unless explicitly permission and approval has been obtained from the court or judge. In fact, you don't make a move while in court without getting permission from a court officer. You just sit still and be quiet.

    They are acting like "Keystone Mafia" making a laughing stock out of themselves.

    They are also creating a HUGE monstrous Chillul HaShem Befrahesia!!! They should just cut Weberman loose and let him take his punishment like a man and just go to jail and finished. But no, he has to fight and make himself into a martyr when it's obvious his goose is cooked. And bring his goons along to create even more of a public mess. Now they have been arrested as well!

    Critical mass has been reached here and the pot is boiling over.

    In a larger sense what is on trial is not merely the Weberman dope, but the MISOGYNY and the MACHO attitude that is so rife among so many Chasidic men. Most Chasidic men are good people and make wonderful sons, husbands and fathers, but there is a large and boisterous minority that is just arrogant scum and treats women no better than the Taliban do and that is what is now on trial and getting hammered. Since these type of men do not and cannot practice basic good middos and derech eretz, they will just find themselves filling up more and more jail cells and spend years in the company of kindred spirit thugs and gangsters in prisons.

  2. It is a relatively minor violation that the four will get a warning and maybe a $150 fine. This is considering that they were never advised of court rules against photos and had no way of knowing it considering they are no court regulars.

    Also supporters of both sides were arrested. At least one of the arrested for photos (Lemon Juice) is a supported of the female accuser.

  3. Yossi Fried is known as Moshe Friedman's (aka Moshe Gabbai)errand boy. He was there in court on an intimidation shlichus for the Satmar hanhalah that includes the Vaad, and Niederman. He is also known as a thug for the vaad.

    Another revelation of the trial is that in addition to molesting the girl he also burned her. I have heard that he also did it to a few other of his victims.

    He isn't just a pervert. He is a sick sadist.

  4. It Is Not Just Chasidim,The Litvishe in Lakewood Get Very Haughty To when They Think They Have Unlimited Power and are Above The law In Lakewood You Have The Bursztyn Hooligens Who Go Around Terrorizing People And Picking Fights With The Local Police A Few Years Ago R' Yussel Bursztyn Was Arrested For Assaulting A Police Officer Who Pulled over His Niece For a A Traafic Violation. Than The Roshei Yeshiva Had To Shut Down The Capitol Hotel In Lakewood Owned By Burstyns Brother Due To The Drug and Prostitution Problem 1 Block From BMG and Most Recently Dovid Bursztyn Started A Recall Langert Campaign at To Get Revenge at Committeman Steven Langert Because Langert Had To Call The Police and have one of the Bursztyn Goons Arrested To Stop the Bursztyns From Vandelizing and Ripping Down Congregation Sons Of Isreals Succah Because Burstyn Claims it is Hampering Access to one of Thier Properties

  5. what is their heter for using an iphone? gevalt!


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