Friday, September 7, 2012

Gay couple turns to rabbis for divorce

YNet  The judges at Israel's rabbinical courts have seen many divorce cases in their lives, but none of them were prepared for what happened last week, when a gay couple arrived at the Tel Aviv Rabbinate and filed for divorce. The two are Prof. Uzi Even, the first openly gay Knesset member, and Dr. Amit Kama. They had a civil marriage ceremony in Canada eight years ago, becoming the first Jewish Israeli male couple to marry each other. [...]

Following the historic decision, the Interior Ministry registered the marriages of additional male couples married abroad. But the couple which paved the way experienced marital problems and split three years ago.

After the separation, Prof. Uzi Even met another man and the two decided to get married abroad. But before being able to remarry, he must get a divorce – a procedure which appears to be quite difficult for a gay couple in the Jewish state.

According to Israeli law, the rabbinical court is the only body authorized to annul the marriage of Jewish citizens in Israel. However, the rabbinical court has never recognized same-sex marriages.

Even and Kama cannot divorce in Canada either, as Canadian citizens are the only ones allowed to file for divorce there.[...]


  1. This marriage should be easy for the rabbinute to annul.

    I personally know someone who was learning for the first time in a baal teshuva yeshiva and was joking around with his chavrusa and gave him a pen and said, "Harei at mkudeshes li". His chavrusa took the pen, but when he found out what it meant, he became concerned and went to the Rosh Yeshiva to see if he needed a get.

  2. I don't believe that there's even a 'srach kiddushin' in such a case

  3. Someone call Rabbi Jeremy Stern. This is a case for ORA.

  4. he became concerned and went to the Rosh Yeshiva to see if he needed a get.

    It is typical am ha'aretz of BT, sometime you see BTs come up with all these strange chumras they made up. The problem is that many BTs are unstable and have such a such a strange outlook on the world and become kanoyim and made life miserable for everybody else.

  5. Let the rabbis write a get.
    The Mesader will make "ah poor....."
    The Aidim yoo.
    And maybe even "ah Poor..." if there is a Harshoo'eh.

    Ah bisel parnooseh!!

  6. One thing is for sure, I bet this gets resolved easier then the Friedman/Epstein case.

  7. I don't really see why a get is necessary. I doubt that the takonah of Rabanu Gershom applies, let Prroffesssorr Evan have two "wives" - big deal.

  8. should one side withhold the "get", what then? beat both of them up?

  9. people often make jokes about the kashrus of the shechita on a pig.
    This is the same (sad) joke

  10. Aren't they chaiev skila?

  11. If there was a [what they were duped into thinking]
    kethubbah, why can't the Rabbanuth just "examine" it, and say that it was never valid in the first place? (In SO many ways, I would imagine) ...even more if there wasn't a "kethubbah."

    Surprised that no one else mentioned this issue yet.

    Perhaps it was way too obvious, and simply assumed that we already knew that answer.

    Better yet, I imagine that the Rabbanuth already knew this answer. Has anyone else expressed it?


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