Monday, October 3, 2011

Manny's Book Store:The complex fear of temptations of the Chareidi world

Nevertheless, it could be that what rankles the zealots above all is the too-modern atmosphere that reigns in the store. Or Hachaim Center may not be the first shop to bring to Jerusalem the Haredi-but-glamorous store design that is more commonly found in the ultra-Orthodox Borough Park section of Brooklyn. But for whatever reason, it - like the Zisalik ice cream shop and the nearby Greentec computer store - has become a target for the holy wars of the zealots.

One of the latter explained to Haaretz: "The problem is that they are offering not only a purchase, but a 'shopping experience.' This is alien to Mea She'arim, where there have always been only small, humble shops."[....]


  1. I'm beginning to notice a pattern in their reporting.
    In the Nahalaot tragedy, they say the police amassed intelligence without cooperation from the parents, while the parents blame the police for inactivity.
    Here they say that the police amassed intelligence without any cooperation from the owners while the owners blame the police for inactivity.

    So I am trying to figure out if Haaretz just like to stir the pot, or if with the police, we are dealing with a case where we say, "there is no smoke without fire."

  2. Forget stir the pot, Haaretz doesn't like the truth. Anything they report is suspect of being a fabrication.

  3. Both events have occurred and truth is a scarce commodity in reporting.


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