Monday, August 22, 2011

Warning concerning pedophile in Jerusalem - unreported because of chillul HaShem


תושבי גני גאולה בירושלים חוששים שפדופיל מסתובב בשכונה, אבל נמנעים מתלונה במשטרה "מחשש לחילול השם"

משה הלר|21/8/2011 14:47    

תושבי מתחם גני גאולה ברחוב ירמיהו בירושלים בפאניקה: כמה ילדים סיפרו בשבועות האחרונים להוריהם על אדם בעל חזות חרדית ששהה בשעות הצהריים המוקדמות באזור בית הכנסת השכונתי, וניסה לפתות את הילדים להצטרף אליו. בשכונה אומרים כי החשוד נראה בעיקר באזור המקווה הצמוד לבית הכנסת


  1. Please translate this into english.

  2. Better to post the whole article with a translation

  3. I have not read your book on 'Abuse-Molestation' yet..
    Not reporting episodes of sexual abuse can be attributed to the fact that Rabbonim assume that this action is 'Yetzer Harah' at work and how will the police or imprisonment help?

  4. tzipschum said...

    I have not read your book on 'Abuse-Molestation' yet..
    Not reporting episodes of sexual abuse can be attributed to the fact that Rabbonim assume that this action is 'Yetzer Harah' at work and how will the police or imprisonment help?
    There are rabbis who make the effort of finding out the nature of the problem before the propose solutions - such as the rabbi who told me the story.

    Furthermore if you read my book you will find that their are gedolim who assert that prison is helpful in dealing with abuse - especially in stopping an abuser from hurting others.

    So you accurately note my point - there are rabbis who don't know what they are dealling with - who are sincere in their desire to help - but who get it wrong


    Avi Shafran has a long winded piece here that is mostly his same old boring drivel.

    Two points to call him on.

    He attacks Hella Winston's reporting on the Kletzky murder because she quotes anonymous sources about Shomrim. He demands that Jewish Week not allow her to report on Charedi affairs to begin with but goes further that they certainly have no right to publish anything from anonymous sources. Get a life, Avi. All the major newspapers do it. The NY Times' Judith Miller even went to jail for contempt of court to protect an anonymous source.

    Shafran is "disturbed" that with all the "top notch" Charedi columnists out there, the Jewish Week doesn't syndicate any of them. Gee Avi, that wouldn't be a sales pitch for your own column to bring you an extra royalty? Would it? You also forgot that Jewish Week disguises paid op-eds from Marvin Schick as editorials. Or maybe you didn't forget as the Agudah is the #1 suspect of who is paying for those pieces to shill for them. Pieces that are full of twisted logic and distortions because Gary Rosenblatt can be bought for the right price too. What other columnists do you want? Jonathan Rosenbloom who lies to cover up for pedophile enablers among the rabbonus in Ramat Beit Shemesh? Convicted felon and plagiarist Gershon Tannenbaum? Debbie Maimon who should try just once to write an article without first taking steroids? Aryeh Ginzberg who gets paid to attack tremendous talmidei chochomim who refuses to sign papers condoning Rubashkin's criminal acts?

    It's true that Hella Winston has a problem with frum Jews but so does Marci Hamilton yet Shafran has never demanded she be barred from writing for the NY Law Journal and other publications. And Shafran has especially never demanded that Dr. T.C. Neuhoff who works for haymishe organizations, take down his vicious attack blog against advocates for child victims.

    When will Shafran learn that he and his fellow hucksters do not represent the majority of Charedi Jews who are tired of the corruption and cover ups?

  6. OU Executive VP Rabbi Steven Weil is making an official visit this coming Shabbos to the Hampton Synagogue in the Hamptons playground of the rich and famous.

    Why is this a huge problem? Never mind that the mara d'asra Rabbi Marc Schneier is so far to the left and does not practice conventional orthodoxy that he should have never been given membership in the OU's RCA to begin with, but the OU started the process last summer to kick Schneier out of the RCA for being caught on video committing adultery, pictures of which were published in major newspapers. After a couple of months, the spineless and cover up inclined OU leadership let the story die without taking action.

    Weil's shiur, interestingly enough, is on the topic of the seraifas hatalmud in 1200s Paris, France. The OU may has well burn the Talmud themselves if they are covering up for Schneier. Schneier's own father, the senior rabbi of the Park East shul in NYC does not speak to his son.

  7. Yerushalmi ResidentAugust 25, 2011 at 7:12 PM

    "Warning Regarding Ganei Geula Pedophile" - Is False Report!

    See new posting by Rabbi Eidenson!

  8. Anyone reading this post should be aware of the follow-up to this story:



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