Friday, March 4, 2011

Protection against abusers when only rumors are known


  1. Who is the author of this diatribe containing very vague and conflicting innuendo?

    It says he did nothing technically illegal since they were all consenting adults and therefore there is nothing to call the police about. Then it starts talking about calling the police -- after saying nothing was illegal and it was both consenting and adults. Go figure.

  2. The title here says "only rumors are known". It only rumors are known, certainly you cannot halachicly call the police -- even if the rumors are of something against the Torah.

  3. Interesting...
    I don't see how it is possible to do anything.
    Rumors are Rumors.
    I understand that The Awareness Center posts Rumors as well as facts,So they might be a source for anyone who wants to be very careful.
    But Still,The Awareness Center's database is lacking,and many people who are rumored to be sexual offenders do not appear there,so that in the end it is not so useful to people who would like to be extra careful.

    The balance between wanting to protect oneself and the Kids on the one hand,
    To ruining an Innocent persons reputation on the other hand is a very delicate balance when there are only rumors.
    (no matter how many rumors)

  4. I think what he means is that if persons abused by this person would each take the risk of reporting to the police even though nothing can be proven because, in time and with enough different accusations, a pattern would emerge and that would be actionable. Unfortunatedly, reporting abuse usually ends up damaging the victim and not the perpetrator thus most choose to remain silent.


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