Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Doctors don't report troubled colleagues

Google News

CHICAGO — Your doctor could be drunk, addicted to drugs or outright incompetent, but other physicians may not blow the whistle.

A new survey finds that many American physicians fail to report troubled colleagues to authorities, believing that someone else will take care of it, that nothing will happen if they act or that they could be targeted for retribution.

A surprising 17 percent of the doctors surveyed had direct, personal knowledge of an impaired or incompetent physician in their workplaces, said the study's lead author, Catherine DesRoches of Harvard Medical School. [...]


  1. As a physician I have had to deal with this issue only a few occasions, B"H.
    There is a tremendous sense of camraderie within the profession that leads us to look out for "our own". A lawyer acquaintance of mine once told me that his firm refuses to do malpractice cases because of the way we close ranks around one another no matter what one of our colleagues is accused of.

  2. there is a haradi dentist in my town in israel who has been caught at least 8 times trying to do extencive work (implants etc) in addition to being a huge tax thief...his fellow dentists say its only heresay...a certain admor told 2 of his hassidim to get a 2nd opinion and they were saved...


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