Friday, August 14, 2009

EJF proselytizes in Europe

Five Towns Jewish Times

[...] In a dramatic development that Rabbi Shlomo Baksht calls "nothing short of a miracle," a growing number of intermarried couples are seeking to complete a process that will lead to a universally accepted conversion. With the strong infrastructure of shuls, yeshivos, mikvaos, and kosher restaurants, these couples will be able to function as fully committed Torah Jews. More than 20 such couples, which includes a Jewish spouse who is "on the way to becoming a ba'al teshuvah," will participate in a seminar sponsored by EJF on September 6–8.

The Odessa seminar is modeled after the many successful similar seminars in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. A large percentage of participants eventually proceed to a halachic conversion, according to Rabbi Tropper. Like participants in other countries, many of these couples have at some point undergone a problematic conversion and eventually recognize that their conversion is not recognized by halachic authorities.

A similar seminar for couples is being planned for Munich in November. At each of the seminars, EJF's world-class lecturers present different aspects of Judaism. In addition to Rabbi Tropper, some of the lecturers include Rabbi Mordechai Neugroschel, Rabbi Doron Kornbluth, Rabbi Yonoson Rosenblum, Rabbi Shimon Grilius, and Rabbi Noach Hertz.[...]


  1. Recipients and PublicityAugust 14, 2009 at 12:34 PM

    This is basically along the lines as the recent infomercial in The Jewish Press (Friday, August 7, 2009) (as posted at Eternal Jewish Family - Phoenix 2007, Friday, July 31, 2009)

    See commentary there starting with "RaP": One; Two; Three; Four.

  2. As usual your heading on these issues is wrong and false!

    They are not proselytizing ( a word that is fond to theowner of the blog to the extent that he trivializes real problems as he called the conversions of a reform rabbi problematic because he "proseltyzes" and actually gave legitimacy to that rabbi and form of covnersion); what actualy is happening is that Ejf together with the Rabbi of the city are making a seminar for those couples who are themselves seeking aa conversion! There is NOTHING wrong with this! and EJf should be commended for making a Halachik conversion possible (as opposed to other fraudulent services performed by fake dayanim).

  3. After the couples will hear about Leib Tropper AKA TroppeRoni revokes conversions because the woman sometimes wears pants or neglect sometimes to cover her hair, wants to go college or believe in old universe R'L they hopefully will go someplace else.

    It is amazing that as long as there is money Tropper and EJF will fo to four corners of the world (does Tropper believe the world is a cube?) and convince and offer insensitives to intermarried couples to convert.

    if that is not proselytizing I do not know what it is.

    Kmo sheneamr

    "Money Makes the World (and the EJF) Go Round"

  4. I get like 50 letters a month from mosdos and rabbonim begging for money for every sad situation here and in Israel.

    I sometime want to send them back a letter with information about the EJF and write "There is a lot of money in the Orthodox world but instead of it going to widow with 11 children or sick children the money is going to entertain intermarried couples who probably do not care"

  5. Mt (rb)

    your repeating the lie a hundred and million times would not make it true! They didn't revoke the covnersion because of the pants; they revoked it because she did not keep the FIRST SHABBOS AND KOSHER!

    but what do you expect frommtr/bomzer when "don't confuse me with the facts; i have made up my mind" and the florushing bus$iness that MT talks about that makes the world go round is actually those fake conversions performe by his partner of flatbush who goes for a good juicy conversion a la uncle tom's realtive for a 40,000$ fee!

    Rabbi Tropper continue your successful path... and let all continue'll bring more seriousness to the process...

  6. roni said...

    Mt (rb)
    They didn't revoke the covnersion because of the pants; they revoked it because she did not keep the FIRST SHABBOS AND KOSHER!
    Roni are you saying that R' Tropper's organization has participant's who don't keep the first Shabbos after conversion?!

    What per cent of his converts are of this type?

  7. Obviously there are people who dupe the dayanim! Kutim fooled kosher Batey dinim according to Baaley HaTossfost and they had to redo the conversion! what is your surprise that it occasionally happens! I don't have the statistics, but it is probably a very tine small percentage. But the big suprise is that they (unlike the other fraudulent dayanim) follow up with the advice of MaRan RAv MOshe Feinstein that in cases like this they have to declare the conversion null and void! Thanks for Rabbi Tropper for his successes in all fronts: 1) making kosher gerus happen in a halachik way, 2) and undermine ning non halachik gerus!

  8. @outrage:

    As far as I understood, everyone can give tzdaka to whatever institution he deems wordy.

    Some people would never give to your 50 mosdos because they believe that those mosdos contribute to perpetuating poverty/go into a system that is not sustainable on the long term.

    Chabad invested a lot in people who are far from Torah and I think it brought them very good returns, because they gained the trust of some well-to-do or outright wealthy persons, who then in turn were ready to invest in their projects.

    On the whole, I suppose there is a redistribution of wealth from the "less frum" towards the "more frum", but in general the chareidi world does not aknowledge it (they tehd to consider that the money is kosher, but the people who give it are treif).

  9. Tropper,

    The story referred above says differently, it says that pants and hair covering were the only issues. So either the husband is lyimg Mr Rosenberg is lying or you are lying. From your shady history like forging a letter from rabbonim (exposed on this blog) , hiding source of finding of EJF from conference participates (exposed on this blog as well) among other (the other family in the story also say you lied to them) I am incline to conclude that you are lying (and have hezkas shakran)

    Even if the husband is lying you do not know if lies to you (by foolishly trusting you) or he lied to Mr. Rosenberg and in that cased even landan like you know that as ed ein lo chazaka ( his testimony is not reliable in any case) and you cannot rely on his testimony.

    It is not the first time you caught obsessively fighting Modern orthodox lifestyle, like convincing Gideon Busch to drop out of medical school and eventually casing his tragic death, banning Rav Slifkin books, harassing former talmid who decoded to go yo YU etc.

  10. You Mr Rosenberg belong to the same team! you both bash anything that is holy to klal yisroel! you are prude enough to use your normal language in his site. Dt, had some sense and recently does not allow that crude language. In any event: i'll tak HaRav tropper any day against theat apikoress andorchey yisroel that stands to bash against ANY AND EVERY FRUMMER PERSON!

    EJf did not invalidate her conversion because of the pants and the like; vthey did it because she did not keep shabbos and kosher right at the beggining of the covnersion!

    You and Rosenberg can bark how much you want against all gedoyley yisroel, but they will stay on and mr rosenberg and you...


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