Friday, June 26, 2009

EJF backer Tom Kaplan loses lawsuit


[....] Thomas S. Kaplan, claims to have donated "tens of millions of dollars," according to official court documents. In the lawsuit, Kaplan challenged **** ability and right to manage the foundation, but the judge, Robert Rosenberg of the 17th Judicial Circuit Court in Broward County, Florida, threw out the case, finding Kaplan's claims had no merit. Kaplan objected to the more than $7 million he says his nephew spent in 2008 to advance what the lawsuit called his "claim that he is the Messiah and to promote his messianic mission," according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, which reported about the lawsuit when it was filed in January. According to the paper, the family feud is likely rooted in a separate lawsuit involving the two. The second case involves the company the two founded, Leor Exploration & Production, which was sold for about $2.5 billion after discovering vast natural gas reserves in Texas, and which is the foundation of *** newfound wealth.[....]


  1. Recipients and PublicityJune 26, 2009 at 12:46 PM

    Serves him right, for all the deception of rabbis who were not aware of the rot behind the scenes at EJF for all the years, that Kaplan's nephew who was writing the checks was married to a gentile woman who refused an EJF-style conversion and noone knew about this.

  2. Dear rav Eidenshon,

    I see you made the half of this article...

    Maybe this is the beginning of the end to EJF financing and Klal Israel could effort a breath of relief from the maka of Tropper and the EJF.

    My father says that it looks like we are in pre-churban like times when the position of Kohen Gadol could be bought by money. Now torah can be bought by money, Kaplan/Tropper ’s money, maybe not anymore....

  3. His money not? But GM's bankrupts' money yes!!! OLOM HAFOCH ROISSI TALK ABOUT "EREV RAV" AND THOSE WHO TAKE 40,000$ FOR E$$$NAN ZONAH MONEY!


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