Friday, April 24, 2009

Bnei Berak - home-grown terror

Arutz Sheva

Bnei Brak vandals slashed tires on nearly 30 cars, torched a synagogue and burned a woodwork shop between Friday and Saturday night. The Bnei Brak residents agreed to talk with Israel National News TV on condition that their identities be concealed.

“Some of the local kids who were probably kicked out of their homes gathered here and decided to spend the night in the synagogue," one person said. "They tore down the Torah ark covering to sleep under it, and they took all the prayer shawls in the synagogue to use as sheets. A fire broke out when they burnt prayer books, and the whole wall was set aflame. This is pure vandalism.”

One yeshiva student spoke of his personal experience about how dangerous Bnei Brak can be late at night. “Two punks came over, and they were holding a glass bottle. They shattered it on my neck. With what was left after the bottle was broken, they tried to stab me. I was rushed bleeding to the hospital where pieces of glass were extracted and I was told that it almost reached my main artery. Two weeks later my uncle who is a great rabbi here walked through the streets, and two punks came over and started pulling his beard and hitting him."

Jews sometimes suffer assaults and harassment by Arabs or groups of immigrants defining themselves as neo-Nazis in other Israeli cities, but Bnei Brak is dealing with a homegrown menace. "They come from good families who live here in the area, they leave the way of their families and they allow themselves anything," one person said.

"They have no day or night, they have no boundaries and we don’t see the police doing anything. When we call the police and complain about the harassment, we notice they don’t come at all or they come with the siren and blazing lights and that’s enough for them to run away and come back the next time.”[...]

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  1. Is the solution to the problem some head bashing and imprisonment by the Police?

    For years the Torah Community of America has imported without question hanhagoes, shetohs, attitudes, hashgafoes, etc. from Eretz Yisroel and the time has arrived to curtail these imports. It may be essential to EXPORT the expertise of our Kiruv workers to alleviate the problems of the homegrown youth who are exhibiting aggression and violent behavior.
    Priority 1, 'Our Place', 'Ave M kosher hangout', Dr. Pelcovitz, Rabbis Shaya Cohen & Yakov Horowitz have shown extensive know how in dealing with our young adults. Open the door Bnei Brak and let America hashkafa enter slowly and with sechel.


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