Thursday, September 18, 2008

Child abuse - Fear of lashon hara induces silence

Mob Mentality comment to "Child abuse - Rabbi Simon Jacobson's views":
Sexual predators are rodefim and "witch hunts" are in order.

A few years ago, my husband was in a community position to know when a Rabbi moved in who had twice convicted and then deported for molestation.

My husband was warned via phone which he then verified with the Beis Din of the community that the information was indeed true. My husband personally notified each of the Rabbis in the area.

My husband's warnings were greeted with admonitions about "speaking Lashon Hara" and "not giving the benefit of the doubt" to someone who surely must have done teshuva.

Out of frustration, my husband asked the Av Beis Din of this man's former community to call several local Rabbis and speak to each one personally due to the gravity of the situation.

The molester was hired to be a youth director, to teach at a local yeshiva and also to do sofrut.

It is clear that our Rabbis and community leaders are either unable or have no interest in protecting our children from molesters.

It is up to parents to protect our own children.

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