Monday, December 4, 2017

Kidnapper and threatened murderer in forced GET Case punished with 36 months jail

העסקן החרדי אהרן גולדברג, נשפט ל-36 חודשי מאסר, לאחר שהואשם בתכנון חטיפה ורצח של אדם • הוא הואשם בתכנון חטיפה לצורך כפיית נתינת גט. בנוסף, בשיחות בינו לבין חבריו שהיו שותפים איתו בתכנון החטיפה, אף התבטאו כי "יש להרוג את סרבן הגט"


  1. The headline is erroneous. The person did NOT actually kidnap or murder someone, the "merely" plotted to do so.

    However even so, I feel that the punishment was too low to serve as an effective deterrent.

  2. “Kidnapper and murderer in forced GET Case punished with 36 months jail”
    Filed: 11/30/2017
    Entered: 12/01/2017
    Docket Text: Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Sidney H. Stein: Sentencing held on 11/30/2017 for Shimen Liebowitz (2) Count 1s and Aharon Goldberg (1) Count 1s and Binyamin Gottlieb (3)… Defendant GOLDBERG is sentenced as follows: custody of 36 months, followed by supervised release for three years, with the standard and mandatory conditions…. Defendant LIEBOWITZ is sentenced as follows: custody of 24 months, followed by supervised release for three years, with the standard and mandatory conditions. … Defendant GOTTLIEB is sentenced as follows: one year probation, with the standard and mandatory conditions.

    “You shall not swear falsely by the name of the Lord your God; for the Lord will not clear one who swears falsely by His name” (Exodus 20:7).
    Shavu’oth 21a:
    R. Johanan said in the name of R. Simeon b. Yohai: Scripture says: “You shall not swear falsely by the name of the Lord your God; for the Lord will not clear one who swears falsely by His name” (Exodus 20:7). The Upper Court [The Lord] will not render him guiltless, but the lower court inflict stripes and render him guiltless [The human tribunal punish him, and thereby (having expiated his offence), he becomes once more guiltless.].
    We see, a bit, how God conducts His Heavenly Court. A sinner who confesses and pleads guilty to a human tribunal and the human tribunal punishes him, the sinner’s offence is expiated and the sinner becomes once more guiltless. Surely, if Mendel Epstein pleaded guilty, the judges would’ve given him a much lighter sentence.

  3. Pacer Indictment filed 9/19/16:
    Count one: Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping
    Count two: Conspiracy to Commit Murder for Hire
    Prosecutors said the 25-year-old Liebowitz belongs to the Satmar community in Kiryas Joel, New York, while the 55-year-old Goldberg of Bnei Brak, Israel, is a prominent rabbi in Kiryas Joel.
    Yikes! I live in Bnei Brak. What’s new with ORA, agunahinternational, etc and supporters to free agunot by almost any means necessary?

    2. One of the guilty pleas was to extortion.

  5. Update on aranoff v aranoff motion 2017 1101. The court got my letter today. I write:
    2. Susan's June 19, 2017 package to Mr. Asiello includes Judge Rigler Order September 12, 2000. Susan tried, unsuccessfully, to prove abandonment from July 1991 until September 2000. It's easy to charge abandonment but hard to prove abandonment in a court of law. Without proving abandonment, Susan is wasting the court's time all these decades.
    3. Judge Rigler's statement: “…which truly understates the multiple times this Court and the Appellate Division have made clear that his Israeli divorce and remarriage will not be recognized…” is irrelevant to Susan's attempt to prove abandonment.
    4. The end of a separation action is an Order of Separation. Judge Rigler says: “This Court, in its last opinion, said that this decade-old separation action must end, and directed-plaintiff-wife to file an action for divorce.” Rigler never signed a 1995 Order of Separation.

  6. Torah thought:
    Joseph, the righteous, suffered 12 years in a dungeon, as a kaparah. 10 years for “This, then, is the line of Jacob: At seventeen years of age, Joseph tended the flocks with his brothers, as a helper to the sons of his father’s wives Bilhah and Zilpah. And Joseph brought bad reports of them to their father” (Genesis 37:2). 2 years for “But think of me when all is well with you again, and do me the kindness of mentioning me to Pharaoh, so as to free me from this place (Ib. 40:14).
    No mention of the punishment of the wicked wife of Potifar, who conspired to imprison Joseph.
    “Then they took Joseph’s tunic, slaughtered a kid, and dipped the tunic in the blood. They had the ornamented tunic taken to their father, and they said, We found this. Please examine it; is it your son’s tunic or not? He recognized it, and said, My son’s tunic! A savage beast devoured him! Joseph was torn by a beast!” (Genesis 37:31-34).
    רש"י בראשית פרשת וישב פרק לז פסוק לג
    חיה רעה אכלתהו - נצנצה בו רוח הקדש, סופו שתתגרה בו אשת פוטיפר.
    Rashi: “A savage beast devoured him! The Holy Spirit flickered within him [Joseph’s] fate would be that Potiphar’s wife would provoke him”
    Bereshis Rabbah 84:19 “ R. Hunia said: A prophetic spirit was enkindled in him: A savage beast devoured him! alluding to Potiphar's wife.”
    We hear no mention of punishment of the savage beast, Potiphar’s wife.
    The court sentenced Shimen Liebowitz to 2 years’ jail and Benjamin Gottleib to 3 years’ jail and Mendel Epstein to 10 years’ jail. I ask, what of the women who paid Shimen Liebowitz, Benjamin Gottleib, and Mendel Epstein? My theory is that this is proper. The rabbis, surely, repent and God grants them kaparah. The wicked women have first to repent and then they’ll be worthy of a kaparah.

  7. Ooops, Please correct my last comment to read: The court sentenced Aharon Goldberg to 3 years’ jail and Shimen Liebowitz to 2 years’ jail and Benyamin Gottlieb to 1 year probation and Mendel Epstein to 10 years’ jail. I ask, what of the women who paid Aharon Goldberg, Shimen Liebowitz, Benyamin Gottlieb, and Mendel Epstein?

  8. I’m hoping Tuesday I’ll be in the list of decisions of the NYS Ct of Appeals. See
    “The declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital today, can be likened to a person who married years ago, had children and grandchildren, but is congratulated on his wedding now….Regrettably, the representatives of the Jewish community in the United States did not pressure the administration to fulfill its promise. Instead, it was Christian lovers of Israel through their representatives in Congress, the Senate, and the government such as Vice President Pence and U.N. Ambassador Hailey who initiated the declaration”
    Many Christians love reading the Hebrew prophets. Always Hanuka we have parshat Miketz and the haftorah from Zechariah:
    “Shout for joy, Fair Zion! For lo, I come; and I will dwell in your midst—declares the Lord. In that day many nations will attach themselves to the Lord and become His people, and He will dwell in your midst. Then you will know that I was sent to you by the Lord of Hosts. The Lord will take Judah to Himself as His portion in the Holy Land, and He will choose Jerusalem once more. Be silent, all flesh, before the Lord! For He is roused from His holy habitation.” (Zachariah 2:14-17).

  9. Oooops, please correct in my last comment to
    By Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
    MainJudaismThe struggle for the Sanctuary is not over

    The struggle for the Sanctuary is not over
    The Reform movement tried to sabotage the recognition of Jerusalem akin to their erasing of Jerusalem from prayers, but at the same time, demand changes of the status quo at the Western Wall.


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