Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Levaya For Miriam Zidele - Tuesday 11:30 pm

Levaya For Miriam Zidele To Take Place Tonight July 25, 2017 At 11:30
TRAGEDY: 7-Year-Old Miriam Zidele Niftar After Drowing In Pomona Last Week

YWN regrets to inform you of the tragic Petira of 7-year-old Miriam Zidele A”H, who was pulled from a swimming pool in Pomona, NY.
Miriam remained in critical condition at Westchester Hospital until her Petira on Tuesday afternoon.

The levaya will be tonight (Tuesday) at 11:30pm in Monsey at the corner of Brick Church Rd and Route 306 in the Monsey Bais Hachayim.
As the world recited Tehillim around-the-clock (for Miriam bas Shoshana), Miriam’s parents, Shaya and Shani Zidele spearheaded efforts to build a new women’s Mikva in the Pomona community. The growing kehilla currently has 150 families, which presents an obvious need for this most important endeavor. They have started a campaign on The Chesed Fund to raise funds. Incredibly, in just 6 days, 2,150 people donated close to $130,000.
Please donate to the campaign as a Zechus for her Neshama.
You can view the campaign and donate HERE
Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…
(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. Heavens! Whose levaya??? This is not a proper notification!

  2. sorry to hear, who was niftar?

  3. I am sorry could you please clarify -- did R' Eidensohn pass away G-d forbid, and if so, can you please post more details of the levaya - where will it be exactly?

  4. To explain. I think this is about the levayah for little Miriam Zidele, a 7 yr old girl who drowned in Pomona last week and was in critical condition until her passing last night. ("Levaya in Mo[n]sey at 11:30pm", as this post originally read.)

    More info here.

    I needed tissues and a few breaks to catch my breath.

    Rachmana litzlan. Oy, rachmana litzlan!

  5. To all those out there: I think it is patently clear that despite the "back in business" post, the moderator is in no condition to be either posting or monitoring comments. I suggest that we all refrain from participating in this forum until it is clear that he is.

  6. ''arrest warrent'' To Son-in-law of Rabbi david eidenson shlite

    im just going to ask why all of a sudden is it allowed to go court and to the rabbanut and order an arrest to force ''harav chaim toisig'' son-in-law of rabbi ''david eidenson shlita'' to give a get ?????
    im shocked !!!!!!! im sure this post will be deleted................ but mesire????? ms toisig is now in rockland county court to enforce child support ?????
    whats going on????? this web-site was my only hope for אמת and a voice for Torah'' but its real /???? not only blocking her to make שלוםבית when i can attest that harav chaim is a בעל מידות טובות a real tzadik'' a real mentch'' a normal clean good guy to be around'' אדרבה go and check it for your self..... and he supports his wife and kids 2 kids r with him and himself taking care of them so well) even she ''צו מעצר'' to be ''arrested'' in hand cuffs why ???? צו עיכוב יציאה im so lost rabbi eidenson please come in clear????? what r u doing to 5 kids
    bar mitzve without the father
    im crying i know what it feels like be not around my kids cause my wife wants a get////// r u doing the same to your son in-law???? i cant be מוחל my shver wife and her brothers please reply

  7. lookes like post is not goiung up!!!!!!!

  8. RDE, do you know the girl's mishpacha?

  9. In this week’s parsha דברים we read:
    “I charged your magistrates at that time as follows, Hear out your fellow men, and decide justly between any man and a fellow Israelite or a stranger. You shall not be partial in judgment: hear out low and high alike. Fear no man, for judgment is God's. And any matter that is too difficult for you, you shall bring to me and I will hear it.” (Deuteronomy 1:16--17)
    Sanhedrin 7b-8a:
    Again: “Hear out your fellow men, and decide justly” This, said R. Hanina, is a warning to the court not to listen to the claims of a litigant in the absence of his opponent; and to the litigant not to explain his case to the judge before his adversary appears. שמע [hear], in the verse, can also be read, שמע [In the Pi'el, which has a causative sense, (make hear)]. R. Kahana, however, says: We can derive this rule from the verse: Thou shalt not take up [תשא] a false report “You must not carry false rumors; you shall not join hands with the guilty to act as a malicious witness” (Exodus 23:1). [Referring to the judge], which may be read, tashshi [in the hiph'il from תשא entice, induce, mislead]. As for the text quoted above, “and decide justly”. Resh Lakish says that it means: Consider rightly all the aspects of the case before giving the decision. As for the words, “between any man and a fellow Israelite or a stranger” R. Judah says that this refers to disputes between brothers about trifles such as, for instance, who should occupy the lower and who the upper part of a house. “or a stranger” This, says R. Judah, refers [גרו…] even to so insignificant a dispute as one concerning a stove and an oven. “You shall not be partial in judgment” [לא תכירו פנים]. R. Judah says this means: You shall not favor [lit. recognize] any one [even if he is your friend]; and R. Eleazar takes it to mean; You shall not estrange anyone [even if he is your enemy] [תנכרו…]. A former host of Rab came before him with a law-suit, and said: Were you not once my guest? Yes, he answered, [and what is your wish?]. I have a case to be tried, he replied. Then, said Rab, I am disqualified from being your judge, and turning to R. Kahana, said: Go you and judge the case. R. Kahana noticed that the man presumed too much on his acquaintance with Rab, so he remarked: If you will submit to my judgment, well and good; If not, I shall put Rab out of your mind [by showing you my authority]. [Lit., I shall get Rab out of your ears; i.e., by applying the sanctions of excommunication]. “hear out low and high alike” Resh Lakish says: This verse indicates that a law-suit involving a mere perutah must be regarded as of the same importance as one involving a hundred mina. For what practical purpose is this laid down? If it is to urge the need of equal consideration and investigation, is it not self-evident! Rather, it is to give the case due priority, if it should be first in order. “for judgment is God's” R. Hamma, son of R. Hanina, comments: The Holy One, blessed be He, hath said: It is not enough for the wicked [judges] that they take away money from one and give it to another unjustly, but they put Me to the trouble of returning it to its owner.”

  10. I respectfully disagree. The moderator is in reduced condition. We, the participants and the moderator, all need this forum. We should continue participating, as is appropriate.

  11. If you personally know Rabbi Eidenson, Why don't you pay him a visit. Wish him a refua shelaima, and make your offer to him directly, to help him run the blog. Assure him that you won't misrepresent him, but that you will help facilitate a valuable exchange of ideas in a civil manner.

  12. yes she is the daughter of rabbi ''david eidensons'' of (daas thora)

  13. Where did you hear about this? If it's true, then .....

  14. Wrong she is my sister's grandchild

  15. Im talking about the daughter of rabbi ''david eidenson'' shlita דוקא
    whats the היתר ערכאות and to force a get?

  16. I don't know him personally, nor his contact information. I would love to pay him a visit, etc.

  17. I persenly seen the papers and spoke to him

  18. There's no phone/address directory for Jerusalem?


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