Sunday, September 18, 2016

New developments concerning the murder of Daniel Markel - defense attorney for Martin Wolmark of the Mendel Epstein Get Gang

In newly released documents, the Tallahassee Police Department laid out its case for why two of Dan Markel’s in-laws should be considered prime suspects in his slaying.

But State Attorney Willie Meggs has dismissed the probable cause affidavits as “speculation” and refused to issue a warrant for their arrest.

The documents maintain the family of Markel’s ex-wife Wendi Adelson tried to convince her to offer him $1 million to allow their children to move to South Florida after their acrimonious divorce. Documents also say investigators focused on her brother Charlie Adelson, who police say looked into hiring a hit man the summer before Markel was killed.

The probable cause affidavits became public Thursday after a records request by the Tallahassee Democrat. They included affidavits drafted by TPD and sent to Meggs’ office for everyone police believe was a suspect in the killing of Markel, including Charlie Adelson and his his ex-wife’s mother, Donna Adelson.

The family has denied any involvement in Markel’s slaying, calling investigators’ theories “fanciful fiction.” No members of the Adelson family have been arrested.

Sigfredo Garcia and Luis Rivera are scheduled to stand trial this fall on charges they shot the Florida State law professor in the head in his Betton Hills garage on July 18, 2014.[...]

Tallahassee Democrat  describes tension between the police and prosecuters in the case

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