Friday, May 25, 2012

Final Notification to Stan

If you don't want your posts censored - please learn to spell the names of others - especially rabbis - even if you disagree violently with them!
Ditto for the issue of cutesy insults and ad hominem arguments. I am interested in comments that cogently provide information and criticism.

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  1. DT, what is your problem? Censorship, you have banned many of my posts already so you are a joke with such a threat.

    "even if you disagree violently with them!" -censor youself where have I threatened violence against anybody? it's your big friend tzadok who wished violence against me with his fez gedolim standing around watching.

    you have allowed many personal attacks against me, especially from the tzadok, so let's get serious here.

    how about your brother calling schachter a potential rotzeach? I only called a bad dude.

    finally stop fence sitting. either you are for the halochoh, which is what rav gestetner and rav abraham stand for, or against the halochoh which is what the MO and the other corrupt charedi botei din in nyc stand for? so please clarify! are you scared to say you are for the torah? frankly i do not know what your problem is. after all i am not a phd in psychology!


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