Thursday, May 17, 2012

Woman beaten for alleged child abuse

Ynet   Two men were charged on Thursday with assaulting a 70-year-old woman due to what they believed was her involvement in a pedophile ring that operated in a Jerusalem neighborhood, Ynet reported. 

The men, who also suspected that the woman was lecturing children on Christianity, were charged at the capital's district court with aggravated assault, aggravated breaking and entering, conspiring to commit a crime and issuing threats.

According to the indictment, 22-year-old Moshe Schleider and another man, whose identity has yet to be cleared for publication, suspected that the woman and others were sexually assaulting minors in tunnels located beneath her home. 


  1. Could not have happened to more deserving person. The woman is Sara Vorst of Tropper and Eisenstein fame. This woman is rasha'a gemura, she made many converts' life miserable and good to know that the almighty stil care.

  2. Wow... they are just now charging the people? Insane!!! This happened months ago.

    While the lady apparently was no picnic for the people trying to convert, she wasn't a xtian and she wasn't a child molester. This is simply vigilante justice on account of the police having dropped the ball on the whole Nahalaot affair in the first place.


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