Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aguna: Wife of R' Yosef Dov Meyerson


  1. My last comments disappeared in the middle... so let me try again.


    1) How did you obtain this document?

    2) Is it muttar to publish such a thing with the actual name of the defendant (is that not a biyush b'rabim, and if so are you doing it davka as part of this din about it being a Mitzvah for everyone to support all efforts to release this aguna)?

    3) Do you know the basis on which the BD Y-m was mechayev?

  2. R Meyerson offered to go to the Bdatz Yerusholayim so letter is phony and irresponsible. She refused to go there but tovaih holech achar hanitvoh.

    I presume Rav Nissim also relies on the psak of heter mechirah from the rabbanut and also uses electricity from jews on shabbos since the rabbanut never assured it and eats shwarmas at the tel aviv tachanah mercazit with a rabanut tel aviv hechsher.

    The letter is a disgrace to the meory of the Chazon Ish who never held mo'us olai is mechayev a get.

    lastly where is R Moshe Sternbuch in all this. He holds mo'us olai is mechayev a Get. So let him publicly procalim the Briskers are wrong.

    1. Stan,

      What does the heter mechira or rabbanut kashrut have to do with this?

      You are accusing Rav Karelitz and Haim Kanievsky (both nephews of the chazon ish, who btw, do not hold of the heter mechira, rabbnaut kashrut, or use of electricty from the main grid) of disgracing the chazon ish. Do you realize how insane that sounds?

    2. 1) What does a B"D in Yershulayim have to do with people living in Bnei Brak? There is a B"D Kavua there, this one.

      2) This is the B"D that you had previously stated said that Meyerson was not Chayyev to give a Get.

      3) You have said previously about Rav Shternbuch R' Moshe Sternbuch has got it pretty wrong. The Gedolim in America put out a kol koreh about 10-15 years ago re-affirming that any woman in arko'oys and oyver mesiarah is not only not entitled to a Get but is not entitled to get remarried. Unfortunately R Sternbuch obviously in his old age wishes to enhance his legacy with all this baloney.
      So suddenly you want to hear what he has to say?

      You are certainly a bag of contradictions.

  3. Stan - how about filling in the background of this letter from beginning to present?

  4. I will need to re-read it but it will have to be later on during the day.

    By the way, how about please filling us in with at least something rav Sternbuch had to say on the matter?

  5. Yes they sign on without checking facts because they rely on askonim.

    Why would they rely on the rabbanut? Makes zero sense. They are human, they make mistakes.

    I believe that they both retracted but will need to look into the details.

  6. Stan,

    The Rabbanut has lax kashrut standards because they want as many people to keep kosher as possible. The OU, to a lesser extent, does that same thing.

    That is not the case with Gittin. Most of my rabbanim will not eat rabbanut but every one of them will rely on the Gittin of the Rabanut. Their standards are quite high. If you dont accept the Gittin and Kiddushin of the Rabbanut, the entire country falls apart.

    PS, do you know who was the mesader kiddushin for Rav Elyashiv?

  7. James

    And they claim they want as few mamzeirim as possible and that is why they are lax on gittin by forcing gittin as well. Not my words but this has been their [policy throughout. Even dichovsky said he fears a get meuseh but fears non get at all much more.

    however the real reason is they have to please their paymasters, the kofrim and prijei ol tzionim who pay their salaries.

    PS, I don't know or care who married rav elyashiv. the mesader kiddushin has no halachik significance. You will probably say rav kook as a guess. it makes no difference.

    frankly who cares what your purported rabonnim do. when you are not makpid about trumah, sheviis what is your hechsher worth?

    if as you claim they are not lax with gittin, how do they recognise the death bin of america?

  8. The point is that most of the rabbanim who do not rely on the Rabbanut for Kashrut do accept their gittin. They accept the BDA gittin because they have thoroughly investigated their gittin procedures.

    While I would never go to the BDA, I have done my own investigation into their gittin and have met with the mesader get. I would rely on any Get he arranged.

  9. The point is you are just making statements James with no facts attached, like you did condemning the "procedures" of Rav Gestetner. You could have met someone and had a nice cup of coffee about baseball, so what?

    Exactly what "investigations" have you made?

    Have you made investigations into:
    1)the fact that the BDA supports women in arko'oys and issues fake siruvim against their husbands
    2) uses goyshe law often to determine cases instead of halochoh which is a busha v'cherpa and k'neged halochoh?
    3) never puts a siruv on a women for being in arko'oys or punishes a moredes?
    4) employs a chief dayan who was mafkaih a kiddushin le'mafreiah without having legitimate grounds to do this?
    5) employs another dayan who broke halochoh by claiming women do not need to cover their hair?

    And this is just off the top of my head without remembering other details or checking them.

    I investigated the BDA a few years ago and found that they are serial and serious violators of halochoh. Who is the mesader get you met with?


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