Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby allegedly stolen & sold to prominent family

BHOL פרשת אימוץ של תינוק המוחזק בידי משפחה הנחשבת מהיותר מכובדות בעולם החרדי, הפך נושא לדיון נוקב בקרב בתי הדין של פוסקי הדור.

הטענה היא, כי האימוץ נעשה תוך כדי מרמה ושלא בהתאם לחוק. גדולי הפוסקים סבורים שאין
למחזיקים שום מעמד הלכתי בהחזקתם. נוסף על כך זומנו המאמצים לדין תורה בכמה בתי דין, אך לא הופיעו

בעקבות כך, נתקבל היתר לפנות לערכאות, דבר שנמצא בהליכי הכנה.

לפי חוות דעת של משפטנים בכירים ומומחים בתחום, יש חשש כי נעברו עבירות על חוקים בינלאומיים שקשורים לאימוץ, ויתכן שגופים משטרתיים בינלאומיים יגלו עניין בפרשה


  1. "Baby allegedly stolen & sold to prominent family"???

    What did you base your headline on? Do you know something from behind the scenes?

    There is NOTHING in the Hebrew article that alludes to that other that there is a dispute over an adopted baby.

    Since I'm in "daf lekaf zechus" mode today, I will suggest that the story was less sinister, rather a case of a deal gone sour.

    Perhaps the story went along the hypothetical lines, of a family being asked to take care of a baby, long term. The adopters said that if the baby stays by them long term, then the child will be "adopted" by them, and they aren't expected to return the child after all the years they will have invested in him, and their emotional attachment. The birth parents reluctantly agreed.

    The problem was that this was that the deal wasn't done through official channels (perhaps a verbal agreement, or arranged by a person trusted by both parties). Now, as time has passed, the birth parents regret their deal, and want their child back. In order to gain sympathy for their cause, they spread rumors of "kidnapping" and "baby trafficking".

  2. וגונב תינוק ומכרו • מי הרבנים המעורבים בפרשה

    this is the heading of the story as it appears

  3. I also saw the disgusting "yellow journalism" style headline, which is par for the course for "Bechadrei Chareidim". However, knowing you, I respect that you should have been able to see through the subtle slime in the article.

    Without providing any details, the headline screams: "מי הרבנים המעורבים בפרשה" Who rabbi ? What rabbi? Why mention that point? Without mentioning names, the inuendo that "rabbis" are involved in the story, merely serves to lower the stature of rabbanim in the eyes of the public.

    Furthermore, the headline screams: "וגונב תינוק ומכרו"
    The article doesn't back up even one iota of that headline. To the contrary, it says:
    הטענה היא, כי האימוץ נעשה תוך כדי מרמה ושלא בהתאם לחוק.
    A far cry from a sinister kidnapping and baby trafficking plot! It merely supports my hypothesis that this is case of a deal gone sour, which is why the birth parents are claiming מרמה.

    "שלא בהתאם לחוק", can also be understood in this light,that for reasons known to them, both sets of parents were party to a deal which wasn't formalized in the normal channels. As such, the adoptive parents may now have a problem in secular court, needing to defend themselves from the birth parents who now maybe deny that any deal ever took place.


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