Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Chareidim: Working is a reality

A small but significant segment of the haredi population is beginning to emerge, whose socioeconomic status could be defined as middle class, says a new study from the Israel Democracy Institute.

Although specific numbers are not yet available, the report, which was presented on Wednesday at the organization’s headquarters in Jerusalem, identified several defining characteristics of a nascent ultra-Orthodox middle class that sets them apart from other members of their community and which represent a new haredi sector that aspires to a more varied lifestyle. [...]

“But they also work hard to live in both worlds without losing their original identity. They want to maintain their culture and identity as members of the ultra-Orthodox community, but they are also inclined to go to the theater, read non-haredi newspapers, as well as the haredi ones, and be exposed to a greater extent to wider Israeli society,” he said.

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  1. To address the original question, it seems to me pretty straightforward that the question is a subjective one: it says "ma'us ALAI" - disgusting TO ME. It could easily have said "ma'us" or "ma'us lakol" or any number of other formulations which don't specifically indicate that it is the opinion of the person in question which matters, no?


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