Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harassment of victim in Kolko case

Jewish Week    She and her husband, parents of a now 13-year-old boy who they allege was sexually molested by his Brooklyn yeshiva teacher, were doing the unthinkable in the borough’s ultra-Orthodox community: bucking a system stacked heavily against them and pursuing a civil lawsuit against the Flatbush school that employed the teacher, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko.

The system was pushing back, with a vengeance.

A prominent Brooklyn rabbi and Yaakov Applegrad, an administrator at Yeshiva Torah Temimah, the school parents were suing, asked the parents to a meeting — without their lawyer. After pleading with the couple to drop the suit, Applegrad and the rabbi turned up the heat and played the card they hoped would resonate powerfully with religious Jews: they compared the parents to Nazis for attempting to “bankrupt” the yeshiva. The Nazis, they said, destroyed the yeshiva in Europe built before the war by the father of Rabbi Lipa Margulies, Torah Temimah’s founder and dean. Now, the two suggested, the parents were doing the same with their lawsuit. (It is not clear that Rabbi Margulies’ father actually had a yeshiva in Europe).


  1. what destroyed the yeshiva is that it was born in sin - stealing the name of Torah VoDaas initially. see the documents on UOJ.

    and what has continued to destroy it is the failure to protect the children in the school.

  2. The lawsuit will bankrupt the Yeshiva, that is true. Is that a "Daas Torah" to avoid and not file the lawsuit?

    Rav Avigidor Miller years ago, when it was not a popular stance, always supported the child victim, surely he would have in this case also.


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