Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yeshiva student pleads guilty to molesting 2 fourth-graders

 New York Post
Hillel Selznick, 25 of Flushing, admitted to Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter that he inappropriately touched a set of eight-year-old girls -- over a year-long period -- during private tutoring lessons inside the victim's homes.

Selznick, who was a student at Rabbinical Seminary of America, pleaded to two counts of course sexual misconduct against a child and will be sentenced on April 17 to six months in jail, 10 years probation, complete a sex offender program and register as sex offender.


  1. OMG...may he get the therapy, care, psychological services that he needs and is needed for the girls to recover.

    Admittance is a heroic act..

  2. That pedasmile he is rockin' really creeps me out.

    Its the half raised corners of his lips expressing his obvious inner pleasure and satisfaction at being recognized as bad.

    I really can't deal with that. They all have it. ugh!!

  3. Right, Tzipschum, he's a hero now. I mean he got caught but since he pleaded guilty, he's a hero. Right.

    And nu, did you add the part about the girls getting help as an after thought. Maybe your rachmonis is a little off. Are you charedi?

    Jerseygirl, I saw that pedosmile too and it churned my stomach.

  4. Actually he went to the DA on his own not because he was caught.Please show a little respect for your fellow Jews especially if you don't know anything about the story.

  5. observer said...

    Actually he went to the DA on his own not because he was caught.Please show a little respect for your fellow Jews especially if you don't know anything about the story.
    An what kind of respect do you think he deserves?

    1. The respect of compassion, self reflection, and G-d forbid some semblance of understanding. I Thank G-d as often as I think about it that he never gave me any of the serious challenges regarding abnormal sexual craving that so many people are afflicted with. Who are we, the blessed ones, to say how we would react if we were struck with one of these difficulties. If Menashe told Rav Ashi that he would have ran to do avoda zora then obviously there are levels of tayva that most people can't comprehend and thankfully don't have to face. Does that mean we should allow these unhealthy people around our families - of course not. Does it mean that we should be able to show a modicum of respect for their difficulties and perhaps positive acknowledgment for their decision to restrain themselves and stop themselves from falling even further into the grips of their temptations- absolutley. What bothers me the most however is that people rush to publicly demonize this person and declare any of his actions, even those that are positive, as an obtuse and malicious activity. That is simply wrong and demonization for the sake of expressing outrage at the cost of rationality and compassion. In all, that is the respect that I believe this man deserves, the respect of the golden rule, "Don't do onto others what you don't want done to yourself," and in this case - don't rush to judge others when you would hate for others to rush to judge you for your flaws.

    2. Well written and expressed.

  6. He went to the DA on his own? Do you think we're idiots? Why do you spread lies? Do you think he turned himself in to the police without a complaint first being filed?

    YOU should show "a little respect for your fellow Jews" - like us, like the two 8 year girls he sexually abused FOR A YEAR, and for the parents who now have to shlep their kids to therapy for how many years? 2, 3, 4... AND PAY FOR IT! ITS CREEPS LIKE YOU WHO ARE PART OF THE PROBLEMK!

  7. Ok fine wait until the facts come out on the case and then see for yourself.

    I never said that he had respect for his fellow Jews, of course he was horribly wrong for his actions and that's unquestionable -but why does that justify your complete disparagment and assumptions about the case without knowing anything. Literally anything other than he pled guilty. And your angry retort towards me and blaming me for the problem - why not take a look inward at your radical accusations and hurtful words to someone you dont know and haven't even met. Maybe that's the bigger problem - people won't ever be able to admit faults or sins out of fear of your bloodthirsty reactions.

    1. Please stop sending in anonymous comments - I will not publish comments as anonymous

  8. What is the deal with this case?! His defenders claim he is really a good guy and only plead guilty because it was a 'he said, she said' case and he was afraid if he lost he'd get a bigger punishment, but that he is innocent of charges except the fact that he should've known better than to put himself in this precarious position.

    Also, this is supposedly all heresay based on the media which lied and that who are we to judge him without the facts.

    So I ask, are the charges against him something the public is allowed to view? I recall with the Sandusky case, people were able to read them. Can we do that with all cases?


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