Friday, February 10, 2012

Nude images hung in religious J'lem neighborhood- latest weapon against chareidim

The Secular-haredi tensions over the exclusion of women reached new heights in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel where there is a growing haredi community. Local bulletin boards were recently pasted with pictures of women posing almost entirely in the nude.

The pictures were put up suring the Sabbath and included a caption that read: "The glorification of women." The haredi residents were horrified by the "abominable signs" but could not remove them because it was the holy day and doing so would involve desecrating the Sabbath.


  1. Wait until they figure out that if Rosh HaShanah comes out on Thursday it's a three day weekend!

  2. Sounds like what they did to slifkin. They hung up a poster that he's an apikores in the shul where he davens right before shkiah.

  3. The Israeli attitude is that if we annoy someone enough he will move away. It is a good thing they don't have a tradition of using firearms to settle disputes like the USA! Maybe someday they will try to get along instead .

  4. The pictures in question are not porn as it might seen, but they are paintings from Botticelli and Gauguin

    Of course, for the people who think seven years old girls are sexy, Botticelli and Gauguin are hardcore porn.

    The story reminds a similar story from Texas where the Muslims wanted to build a mosque next to a pig farm and requested that the farm owner will move away. He fought back and has pig races every Friday.

    I do not think the Haredim would be able to pull their shtik in Texas

    Even Tropper who for years extracted sex from converts and BTs, males and females was stopped only after he tries to pull his shtik on a Texas woman.

    מוּסַר הַשְׂכֵּל
    Do not mess with Texas, coz the KB'H lives here (Kay Bailey Hutchison)


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