Monday, February 6, 2012

Identity vs Integration: Radical Islamists 'freak out' Belgian community


  1. Europe destroyed its Jews, only to be gobbled up by the Moslems. That was real smart!

  2. Religious courts to adjudicate disputes between the adherents of the religion (ie. Batei Din).

    Adherents dressed like Middle Ages (ie. Chassidim).

    G-d is great (Allahu Akbar).

    Radicals and extremists do not represent the faith and actually hurt all Jews/Muslims.

    But I think that we have a lot to fear when religion begins to be legislated against (ie. the Dutch ban on shehita).

    Thank you for posting this.

    BTW, one of the most radical "Islamists" is a guy named Yussuf al Khattab head of Revolution Muslim Brothers.

    He was born and raised a Reform "Jew" named Joey Kaplan in Margate NJ. He was never part of the Syrian community (his mother Louise does not even pretend to be Jewish) although he claims to be a Brooklyn Syrian Jew named Joseph Cohen.

    His wife Luna was never part of the Moroccan Jewish community and her family are known to be Hispanic Christians.

    Joey went from militant Gaza settler to radical Muslim jihadist, I am told after his kids were denied admission to a SHAS school in Ashkelon.

    We cannot underestimate the danger of extremists who in most cases are not Jewish or Muslims (but rather Christian missionaries pretending to be either Jewish or Muslim or in Joey's case both) are having on both Judaism and Islam.


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