Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ezras Nashim: Women's ambulance service being formed

The all-male Hatzolah EMT crew snubbed them — so a group of Brooklyn Jewish women are starting their own ladies-only ambulance service.

Borough Park lawyer Rachel Freier, 46, held the first recruitment drive Sunday for Ezras Nashim — Hebrew for “assisting women” — in her dining room. She signed up 50 members from across the borough.

“If women are having an emergency, they should have the option of calling a woman,” Freier said.

Ezras Nashim will focus on helping mothers in labor. Their goal is to train 50 EMTs and birthing assistants by the planned September launch.

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  1. With wishes for success in establishing a WOMEN's group to uphold Tzniuus, menuchas hanefesh and comfort for women in labor and suffering from emergencies.


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