Friday, February 24, 2012

Problematic tshuva of gender separation in therapy

I recently posted an article interviewing Dr. Bunzel - a psychiatrist in Bnei Brak - and the teshuva he got from Rav Zilberstein regarding psychotherapy. It has been circulating the internet amongst frum therapist and has caused a significant amount of consternation. I have been debating whether to answer what I consider as a very poorly written teshuva and egregious attitude  to gender separation and therapy or to just ignore it as many are. Someone sent me  this morning an erudite and cogent response to the issue by Dr Klafter - a frum psychiatrist who contributed a chapter to my book on abuse - which effectively refutes the premises of the article and teshuva. I just sent a request to Dr. Klafter for permission his reply here on this blog. I assume he will give permission and will post it. Otherwise I will post the halachic concerns that he raises on my own.

[update: Dr. Klafter has agreed to my request - click link to access his article ]

Dr. Klafter's critique

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