Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rav Sternbuch: Expressing Humility

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  1. Well, finally in this latest American Yated, Rav Sternbuch is allowed back with his powerful Parsha column. Mazel Tov.

    No doubt the outside world will never know why his Parsha column was left out for three weeks, then last week there was the new "Ask the Raavad" feature by Rav Sternbuch in the Yated and now there are BOTH a Parsha and "ask the Raavad" columns. So a double Mazel Tov on that.

    However there is still a problem with the layout of the "Ask the Raavad" column. While the Parsha column is randomly assigned space to wherever it may fit it with changes from week to week, and that is fine, but not so the "ask the Raavad" column which is twinned as a fixture now for the second week to "ask Rabbi Rapps" about hashkafa.

    It is very incongruous and absurd that Rav Sternbuch should be "twinned" and "pegged" by the Yated, as if joined by a common ball and join at the heel, with Rabbi Ahron Rapps a long-time eighth grade rebbe at the Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin elementary school and now a "rosh yeshiva" of an outreach type yeshiva in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn.

    It is not right by an measure of sechel and din that a Gaon and Posek on the level of Rav Sternbuch should be squished onto one page undewr one banner with an eighth grade rebbe.

    The Yated needs to correct that imbalance soon to gain better credibility with serious Bnai Torah who are after all its most loyal customers.


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