Friday, February 4, 2011

Rav Sternbuch - Beshalach


  1. Did rabbi Sternbuch really call rabbi Ovadia Yosef Amalek ? Just because halachatic disagreement ?

  2. this comment about Amelek does not mention a particular rabbi
    it is not a rare occurence

  3. I was told it is not referring to Rav Yosef but rather rabbis who convert for money and personal power

  4. Rav Sternbuch is back in this week's Yated in America but in an entirely different format of "ask the Rabbi" and his new column about "ask the Raavad" Halachic questions is placed side by side on the same page with questions of "Hashkofa" addressed to Rabbi Ahron Rapps who heads a minor small outreach type yeshiva in Brooklyn and is a close alumnus of the Chaim Berlin Yeshiva where he was also a long-time 8th grade rebbe.

    Question: What is the Yated thinking by placing the words of a famous Gaon and Posek and Raavad of the Bedats like Rav Moshe Sternbuch side by side with the words of a former 8th grade Rebbe from the Chaim Berlin Yeshiva Ketana elementary school who still gets to write a regular column on the Parsha in the Yated while Rav Sternbuch's very popular Parsha column is still gone.

    What is going on? Why is Rav Sternbuch being "demoted" while Rabbi Rapps is being "promoted" by the Yated's editorial staff?

  5. Thenk you for the clarification rabbi Eidensohn, there were pashkeills by the Eida with rabbi Sternbuch signature complaining about the military conversion so one might think the comment is related to that controversy not to the swinger formerly known as rabbi Leib Tropper.

    Some commented on UOJ claim that Rabbi Sternbuch disappearance and "demotion" by the Yated is because his support to rabbi Eidensohn, Rabbi Eidensohn is hated by the Aguda/Yated/Chaim Berlin crowd by his exposing Tropper and Hersh.


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