Thursday, February 24, 2011

Police captain reassigned for refusing to attend Islamic event

Fox News

The Tulsa Police Department is investigating a captain who refused an order to assign officers to attend an upcoming Islamic event because he said it would violate his religious beliefs.

Capt. Paul Fields was reassigned after he refused to order officers under his command to attend the Islamic Center of Tulsa’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a spokesman for the department said.

“It is my opinion and that of my legal counsel that forcing me to enter a Mosque when it is not directly related to a police call for service is a violation of my Civil Rights,” Fields wrote in an internal police department memo obtained by Fox News. [...]


  1. Glenn Beck started on the Jews now.

    ADL President Abraham Foxman responded:

    "Glenn Beck's comparison of Reform Judaism to radical Islam demonstrates his bigoted ignorance. Despite his feeble attempt to suggest that he was not equating Reform Judaism with Islamic extremist terrorism, the simple fact that he would mention them in the same breath is highly offensive and outrageous."

    American Jews have learned nothing from our history (ie. the Spanish Inquisition). First the Muslims then the Jews. First the Jews then the Muslims.

    American Jews like the Reform intermarried Barre Seid, financier of the distribution of the film Obsession ($17 million dollars) are helping to fuel the flames of a Jewish expulsion from the US.

    I realize that this what Zionism hopes and prays for, but I do not believe that this is in the best interests of the Jewish people. Beck is wildly popular and I do not much relish the idea of all of world Jewry living in one giant ghetto in the Middle East.

  2. Glenn beck usually lives in a fantasy land.
    But this time he actually got something(partially)right.
    He was semi-correct in his description of Islam,but totally correct in his description of the Reform religion.

    Reform=Change internal religious belief to fit political reality.

    Islam=change political reality to fit internal religious belief.


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