Sunday, February 27, 2011

Abuse Suspects, Your Calls Are Taped. Speak Up.


The men charged with beating, stabbing or burning their wives or girlfriends have plenty to say. Lately, their words have been used against them in New York courts as never before.

“I need you to prepare the kids to start lying,” one man said to his girlfriend. He had been charged with burning her face with a hot iron as she knelt in view of their children.

Another cooed “baby” to the girlfriend he was charged with grabbing by the hair and scratching with keys. “Whatever you do,” he directed, “do not speak to the D.A.”

A third insisted to his brother that he was surprised at all the blood after he used a kitchen knife on the woman he had been with since they were teenagers. “I just stuck her like a little,” he said. [...]


  1. "The men charged with beating, stabbing or burning their wives or girlfriends have plenty to say."

    here you go again with the anto male bashing. Women never teach the children to lie, only men.

    As the Steipler said, any rov who always favors a female and always condems men has a chazokoh of being ro'eh zoynos!

  2. Emes,

    I am sure Rabbi Eidensohn would readily agree that men can also use tape recordings to expose abusive women. He is merely posting an article published by others. The article came from a secular source unconcerned with the role of a rov.

    There is also the other meaning of the Hebrew word, rov, the majority. Most child abusers are males. So, it is simpler when forced to use a limited number of examples to choose a male pronoun and example.

    You are obsessing about an irrelevant detail and ignoring the ikar (the dominant essential character) of the article.

    When the Monsey committee of rabbis, headed by Rabbi Moshe Green, deliberated about the fate of Leib Tropper they relied heavily on tape recordings of his sexual misconduct. It was the recordings that made the charges credible and sealed his fate as an oiysvorf (outcast).


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