Sunday, February 6, 2011

Conservative Judaism is dying


A joint commission of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and Hayom: The Coalition for the Transformation of Conservative Judaism has gone public with a draft strategic plan meant to change Conservative communities and synagogues.

The plan “calls for significant changes in focus and leadership and dramatic improvement in the way United Synagogue partners with its congregations and others across North America,” United Synagogue’s chief executive officer and executive vice president Rabbi Steven Wernick said.

“The strategic plan emphasizes tangible change, organizational transparency, openness, and a new way of doing things.” According to the new plan, USCJ will focus on strengthening synagogues, cultivating new leadership and creating a more unified and integrated educational system from early childhood through college years.


  1. As the last few differences between Reform and Conservativism fade, the two movements will likely merge and be sustained by all the OTD's the frum world produces.

  2. Except that there are far far more BT's coming into the frum world than there are OTD's leaving.

  3. Stop censoring comments which legitimately criticize you, Me Pravda.

  4. not to get triumphal on this:
    There was a decline in Orthodox Judaism for the last 200 years, and only recently has it started growing again!

  5. Reform Judaism has the opposite problem, their temples that were built 40-70 years ago cannot accommodate their current membership, so in the high holiday times you read about reform temples having their yamim norahim services in conference halls, concert halls and even churches !

    In San Francisco for example they caused traffic congestions so now they rent a parking lot and have a shuttle from from the parking lot to the temple.

  6. Except that there are far far more BT's coming into the frum world than there are OTD's leaving.

    I am not sure it is a good thing, most BTs are not very stable and just cause more problems to community that already has a lot of issues.

    See the Hersh affair, only BT can send their children to such a place and then after expose go and sue the people who exposed them.

    Only BTs put burka on their body!.

    Just think of all the BTs the swinger formerly known as rabbi Leib Tropper inflicted on the communities, I wonder what did they learn from him , for sure not torah because Torah cannot come from pe tame.

    There are so many issues with BTs in the community and I do not think it worth it.

    It looks like the Conservative and Reform send their weirdos to us and take our best people.

  7. Penguin:
    BT is quite a broad term.
    The BT yeshivot are run by fanatic FFBs who try to produce super-frum BTs.
    The case of Leib Tropper is not the fault of the Bts/onverts as such, but rather an FFB menuval, who had one semicha from Rav Shach.
    The other issue is the BT Yeshivot and their hunting grounds. if they get people from prisons, ex addicts, etc, and think that by putting on tefilin, these souls can be saved, then of course they are bringing in a kind of unstable candidate.

    Sadly, a lot of rubbish occurs even in FFB world. NAd here is another point: If someone's parents are BTs, does that make them FFB or 2nd generation BT? And is BT like mamzerut, or does it end after 10 generations?


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