Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fake Guggenheim's Fleece Millions From Investors

Fox News

Toumei told potential victims she was brokering deals on behalf of the fictitious "Guggenheim Fund" and "Guggenheim Bank," according to fraud charges filed in Manhattan federal court. But her connection to the real Guggenheims seems limited to her following their museum on Twitter.

Meanwhile, her two alleged cohorts, David Birnbaum, 67, of Brooklyn, and Vladimir Zuravel, 45, of Queens, posed as "David B. Guggenheim" and "Vladimir Z. Guggenheim" to help dupe investors into a slew of phony precious-commodity deals, the complaint states. [...]

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  1. I know this birnbaum. Sadly a man with serious mental health issues who truly believes that many things that he dreamed up actually happened...
    So sad...
    Anyone who ever spent 2 minutes with him can attest to this. do some research, he lives on Ocean Parkway..
    The others I can't speak for.

    please think about these facts before you post this


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