Monday, August 11, 2008

Chabad - Common ground at last!/G-d spoke through Moshe

Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver said...

See Likutei Sichos vol. 4, pp. 1087 ff. for a fascinating explanation of this concept, and one that ties in with the sicha that is oh so controversial concerning the revelation of Hashem via Tzadikkim.

Would you please present what it says there and I will present some of the non-Chassidic understandings and we will hopefully see where we agree and perhaps disagree. Instead of debating we can actually do some Torah learning!

This topic looks like it might provide common ground on understanding the ultimate heights man is capable of in the world of spirituality. There is an overlap between Kabbala, Chassidus the Gra and the Baal HaTanya - hopefully we can ascertain whether there are points of disagreement as well. Perhaps we can also come to understand why the Chassidic rebbe - the Munkatcher considered this heresy.

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  1. I guess I could write up a brief synopsis that wouldn't do justice, but I'm not translating a 5-page sicha in a way that would do justice, which is an arduous task that would take me many, many hours, for a blog--especially since this sicha has anyway already been translated by Kehos.

    Anyway. I don't understand. You're a talmid chochom. If you're interested in the topic, why don't you learn the sicha inside? Why rely on my presentation, if you can follow the Rebbe's? If you don't own a set of Likutei Sichos, you can read it on


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