Friday, August 22, 2008

Modesty Squad targeted by Jerusalem Police II

YNET reports: [See also VIN regarding Bedatz involvement]
Meah Shearim residents agitated following wave of arrests of 'modesty guard' activists. In one of demonstrations held every evening, youngsters flip over police car in capital. 'The chastity squad activists are doing what the police should be doing,' senior community member says

The ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Meah Shearim in Jerusalem was shaken up last week following the arrest of three residents suspected of being active in the haredi community's chastity squad.

The first person arrested three weeks ago was Elhanan Buzaglo, who was indicted of attacking a woman suspected of improper ties with married men in the capital's Maalot Dafna neighborhood. According to the indictment, Buzaglo received $2,000 in return for his involvement in the attack.Following his arrest, two additional suspects were detained last week. One of them is Shmuel Weisfish, who was allegedly involved in the torching of a store selling MP4 players against a ruling of the Ultra-Orthodox community's court of justice.

On Wednesday, the police arrested Binyamin Meirovich, a Jerusalem resident suspected of being one of the chastity squad's leaders, and the person responsible for the organization's operations. The police were expected to ask the court to extend his remand on Friday.

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  1. This is a disgrace!!! According to the reports these animals held her down. Where was their "kanaut" then. Were they then allowed to touch her? This is why kanaut cannot exist today. I read a very smart comment on the nature of kanaut. If there is even 1 millionth of an ulterior motive during that moment then you are a rotzeach, or a mechalel shabbat (for those who like to throw rocks)This guy had more than a millionth of ulterior motive, he had $2000 of ulterior motive. If he was a real kanai then he would have done it for free, oh and Pinchas didnt have a buddy hold down his sinners. He did it in the open not like a thug. I am glad he was arrested and maybe he will get beaten in prison while someone holds his head down!!


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