Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chabad - An angry screed with some good points

The following angry screed is being posted simply because R' Bergstein does make some valuable points which have been ignored up till now. However, his knee jerk fury is apparent from the fact that he is responding as if Prof. David Berger has been participating in the discussion when in fact it is Rabbi Micha Berger - founder of AishDas Society - who has devoted his life to Ahavas Yisroel and is a mumche in Machshava.

I have attempted to be even handed in the presentation - and most of the feedback I have seen indicates that I have succeeded in keeping things well within acceptable bounds. This is not a debating society to score points but simply a forum to have an intelligent discussion with people you would not be able to interact with otherwise. These issues are not ivory tower academics or theological hairsplitting. These are real concerns for frum yidden and the future of our people.
R' Chaim Moshe Bergstein (Farmington Hills Michigan) comments to "Chabad - Faith or Text Based Hashkofa?":

again david berger [sic] you spout your nonsense as if you really many people have you gone out of your way to bring into Yiddishkeit? and if you do care why don't you concentrate on the Jews who don't keep Shabbos and get them to keep Shabbos?

you are now a big-shot in YU. The Rav was a personal friend of the Rebbe and came to his 80th birthday. the sicho that is in your craw was said in 1950 and was widespread. 32 years later the Rav comes to greet your apikores in his building?! so what can the casual observer say ?? that the Rav found a way to interpret that Sicha in a kosher way.

The same for Reb Moshe who was a personal friend of the Rebbe even while he disagreed with some of the Rebbe's ideas. If this is so blatant then how would Reba Moshe have the audacity to address the Rebbe as Hagaon HaKodosh in the Igros Moshe?-well after 1950!

your interpretation is consistently weighted to the bad side when it can be equally translated differently from your silly conclusion even in this tzitut that you quote.There are many dargos of what is called Atzmus Umehus including the esser Sefiros and many dargos in OHr ayn sof. furthermore the concept is based upon memutza hamechaber-not a new idea but the biur of Shchina Medaberes Bigrono Shel Moshe by the Rebbe Rashab in resh nun tes.(1899) if this was so awful how was Reb Chaim so close to such an Apikores????chas vesholom! the Rebbe Rashab was a gaon and a Kodosh as was our late Rebbe ZTL and you are the opposite.

use the word memutza hamechaber as a wire for electricity and there are no shaalos except what you would like to place because of your sick need to kick someone around.

you will say no-you want to save the generation-save the jews in YU that they shouldn't do non-tznius things , that they should never become Rabbis in conservative shuls,that they should not endorse the zoologist Slifkin, that the girls in Stern's college should have a dress code according to the Shulchan Aruch, that the thousands who are frieing out in front of you should pause and reconsider.

instead all of your energies are focused upon blackballing Jews who are more religious than you and for a great part more knowledgeable than you and enjoy their religion more than you. this is really a great thing you are doing-for the Satan!


  1. To Tzig and others:

    This is the kind of gibberish I have learned to accept from Chabad. Sometimes the sentences are crafted with greater care--like Rabbi Shochet, for example. But the lies, the hate, the conceit, its all here. And yes, its representative of what you have written and said to me in response to my sincere questions.

  2. Whoa, and the last paragraph--there is always the insinuation that chabad knows more than everyone else, too. They ARE more jewish. . . Rabbi Oliver--this is because the Rebbe ENFORCED these notions. If he could enforce a comment like that drunk shliach's, then anything goes for a non-gadol. And that's the problem.


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