Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eternal Jewish Family Website - Returns

The EJF Website is fully functional including photos and video as well as application for potential converts to apply to their programs


  1. Rabbi Eidensohn, If I understood your position correctly, are you not opposed to the policies of the EJF?

  2. Joseph said...

    Rabbi Eidensohn, If I understood your position correctly, are you not opposed to the policies of the EJF?
    That is correct. The website was taken down as a result of criticism of Rabbi Tropper's apparent hypocrisy - based on the material on his website. He has thoughtfully removed most of the obvious evidence.

  3. Isnt Rabbi Tropper himself a rather questionable individual?

  4. Are any of the Torah Luminaries who "signed" EJF's Proclamation aware that they have done so??

    Did Rav Elyashiv really endorse EJF?

  5. For such an awesome and ambitious agenda the EJF website still has many problems.

    For example, in the "Further Resources" subection on the "Batei Din" page , it states: "The following batei din are known to EJF to be using universally accepted standards..." but instead of naming the actual Batei Din prominently it illogically gives the names of contact rabbis first in a very large font with the name of the name printed in small print below the name of one rabbi, when it should prominently list the names of the Batei Din with the names of at least THREE dayanim below each name of a Bais Din since after all Batei Din are made up of Dayanim and the name of a lone rabbi in heavy print followed by the name of a Bais Din in smaller print below his name does not "create" a Bais Din and its not clear here if the rabbis names in big print are part of its dayanim or if they are merely contact names.

    This is such an obvious error that one wonders if the people behind this website and the web designers overlooked an obvious error or were being deliberately devious.

    By the way Dr. Eidensohn, you will no doubt be curious to note that the book about the Vilna Ger: "Avraham Ben Avraham by S. Schachnowitz - Feldheim Pub." is listed on the "Suggested Reading List" on the "Further Resources"

    And here's an interesting tidbit in the EJF's Enewsletter about a propsed conference scheduled for Israel (was it ever held and what were the outcomes and responses?): "EJF Seminar at Nir Etzion Includes Invalidated Geirus
    A planned seminar for couples in the process of geirus will include several spouses of intermarried couples whose geirus was invalidated by the Bais Din Hagodol of the Rabbanut Harashit. The seminar, which will be held at the Nir Etzion Hotel in the Haifa area, is the second in the series of such seminars to be held in Israel. The first was held last January at Kibbutz Lavie. Some 25 couples and the rabbonim who are guiding them are expected to attend on July 27-29th."

    And these, as already noted in some earlier posts, are already on the go: "EJF Community Caucuses Planned. EJF leadership is planning a series of regional caucuses in Jewish communities throughout the country. The purpose of these caucuses is for the rabbinic and orthodox community leaders of the local communities to understand dangers in below standard conversions and benefits of halachically appropriate and universally accepted conversions and the EJF’s role in the process. The events are being organized by Rabbi Yonason Meadows, the Director of Development for EJF. The first caucuses are planned for Phoenix, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Houston."

    Finally, the EJF newsletter commences a section as if the Lubavitcher Rebbe were still aliv: "Lubavitcher Rebbe Weighs in on Kiyum Hamitzvos of Geirim" ("Weighs in" is in THE PRESENT whereas "weighed in" would have been correct because it's in the past, about something that was allegedly stated, so is that something deliberate or and oversight? Who knows it may be EJF's way of reaching out to Chabad with this strange lip-service: "Lubavitcher Rebbe Weighs in on Kiyum Hamitzvos of Geirim. A newly released document in Kfar Chabad shows that the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Harav Menachem M. Schneerson zt”l, firmly stated that no giyur can take place without kiyum hamitzvos. The Rebbe’s remarks in 1975 were made during the heat of the “Who is a Jew” issue, a cause that the Rebbe took a lead role in."

    Oh, and for an effort that is supposed to reflect and speak for the views of over 40 gedolim, rebbes, dayanim and rabbonim, why is it that multiple photos of Rabbi Tropper in various poses and settings are constantly flashed on the screen, and he is often incongruously depicted on the dais with older, senior, and venerable sages, as if sending a not so subliminal message that this is about a personality cult to adore Rabbi Tropper regardless of what the conversion agenda of EJF may be.

    Is this about selling Rabbi Leib Tropper (a controversial figure in the world of kiruv rechokim) or selling EJF's lofty goals?

  6. Baruch Hashem that EJF exists.
    Baruch Hashem that intermarried families are becoming halachichly Jewish.
    Baruch Hashem that so many clear-thinking and halacha-adhering Rabbis understand the problem and recognize that EJF is doing G-d's work.
    Thank G-d the Hareidi Taliban doesn't have any influence and will go the way of the karaite community.


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