Monday, September 9, 2019

3 ways to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce (George Blair-West | TEDxBrisbane)


  1. Rav Kook on the distinction between Teshuva Ad Hashem, and el Hashem -

    Parshas Nitzavim, Rav Milevsky ztl

  2. The video is a talk by a psychiatrist.

    The psychiatrist gives a formula for a good marriage.

    He explicitly includes two men involved in homosexual activity as an example of marriage.

    I highly recommend ignoring this video.


  4. These show how great and honest he was. Kol HaAdam Kozeiv, that is how the hareidi world operates, and how people survive in your jungle. All you bring that was actually written by him proves to me how great he was. And also how stupid and backward and degenerate you are.
    Why , for example, is being machmir the way you guys operate? it is to control people, have power over their minds and money.

    How is it you actually use the internet? Isn't the pashkevilim world good enough for you? Even so, you spend half your life following crazy conspiracy theories, to suit your crooked mentality.

  5. Why is it that Rambam studies science, philosophy , medicine, as did Ramban, and Ralbag studied astronomy? They were not typical of the Hareidi world today.

    Interesting, but Rav Yaakov Emden opposed philosophy, but was pro science, chemsitry, biology and logical thinking. If anybody today spoke like Rav Emden did they would be called heretics or at least be isolated.
    Anyway, did you listen to the shiur?

  6. You are totally nuts

  7. Do you realize that these blog posts you link to are not written in order to criticize Rav Kook?

  8. From an extremist perspective, anyone who can think outside of the box is somehow an apikores.

  9. Maybe not criticize but to try to comprehend his overstepping and over reaching the tried and true mesorah. and to disclose his troubling views

  10. Troubling in your view. In the view of the blog writer there, they are not troubling, they are courageous.

  11. You are talking nonsense. He was a Rav in several countries, including England. YOU are picking only his kiruv actions, but ignore his Halacha which was very traditional.

    Also, how about reb elchonon famous letter regarding YU? his highly questionable rationale that certain death is to be chosen rather than accept a visa from yu. To save life, we are permitted to break shabbat, eat treif etc. Which of these was forced in yu? None. So his infamous letter is of highly questionable halachic validity.

  12. Also, it's not tried and true mesorah. For example, Rav Meir simcha of dvinsk, was recognized as gadol hador, even by Rav Chaim soloveitchik. He held that it's necessary to speak the language of the Land. It's nothing new. Rambam wrote in Arabic. Rashi spoke French. Spanish - all the Spanish rabbis.
    Why do you speak English? Are you reform?

  13. According to Samar, migration certificates are ossur. Immigration is assur per se. So your well rehearsed argument is self defeating.
    Don't need to convince you, he was already well respected by the Netziv, Rav isser Zalman, Rav Shlomo Zalman etc.
    If you say pikuah nefesh, then you admit satmar is sheker. YOU can eat chazir if it's a matter of pikuah nefesh, so why not the 3 oaths?
    I personally consider the Ohr Sameach as my mentor - in his biography, his letter on 3 oaths reveals that they were no longer valid.

  14. There are plenty of baalei batim who do good work, donate money, tsedakah etc. They don't get letters saying they are greater than all the other gedolim.

  15. If that's whats needed to archive the pikuch nafesh?
    Then Yes!

  16. which comment are you replying to?
    If you say , as claimed your Rav Weissmandl, that it was pikuach nefesh to save the jews of Europe from the Holocaust, then it means you are whistling at the nonsense written by the Satmar rebbe in Vayoel and Al ha whatever , his 2 books that he wrote. He brought his own intepretation of the 3 oaths / Maharal, saying that it's assur to escape from punishment .
    This claim is contradicted by the Rambam, who says it is a chiyuv to escape from a land where there is persecution. He also says that everywhere except Egypt is permissible to reside. hence no oaths, and the opposition to the State of Israel is phoney!

  17. And your guys were rodef shalom? Haha

  18. Rav zemach warhaftig was providing visas, he went to all the yeshivas in Lithuania, only mir accepted them. He was a lawyer and rabbi. I have not seen any letters saying he's the gadol hador. In fact the hareidim hated him.
    Your stories are all fake, from the book of lies.

  19. If you want to know where his admonitions are, you are loudly publicizing the fact that you have not learned much of his Torah. Pick up a Ma'amarei HaRa'aya, and get to work. You can start with על במותינו חללים. When you finish that, I can give you more.

  20. And then you can actually read what he said at the memorial for Herzl, where he would not even mention his name. Then you can actually read what he said at the opening of Hebrew U. about the dangers of that institution. On the issue of Rav Kook you are an ignoramus. All of your knowledge comes from second-hand sources. I would recommend that you educate yourself before discussing him further.







  27. Achva


    World Achva Association (Hebrew:

    אחווה‎) is orthodox

    Jewish secret

    society was founded in 1895 and aims to mutual assistance and real

    existence of the Mitzvah

    "Love your neighbor as yourself".

    The world head bureau is located in Jerusalem

    from the association establishment to the present.


    and goals

    First Bureau of the Association was founded in Jerusalem to

    unify with Israel,

    develop the education, improve the morals of the people and help the needy.

    Among other things, requested the Association to help friends, called

    "Brothers," on the one hand they are very moral but on the other

    financially weak. Help included assistance in finding jobs, and providing credit.

    Fraternity brothers are divided into four different levels, ranging from

    'trainees' are "following siblings learn the theory of brotherhood"

    to 'educate' they "There are those who go to the fraternity of complete

    self-forgetfulness. They have no calculates interest on themselves when they

    give their hands brotherhood, not later, not any time any day, but always they

    feel only the second and always are willing to give themselves and dedicate

    themselves for the other. few are unique individuals but this fraternity

    Hasmonean. role of these brotherhood serve as a symbol to others and play are

    without intention special role of educators".



    After the establishment of the branch in Jerusalem, opened branches in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Safed, Tiberias, Hebron, Petah Tikva,

    Haifa, New York City

    and London.

    In recent decades, the association activity in Israel almost completely

    diminished and most of the activities currently being branches in Australia, England, Argentina, United States,

    Brazil, South Africa,

    France and Canada.



    In 1905 suggested that some members of the Neighborhood Association to

    establish themselves in Jerusalem, and in 1906 was purchased in the name of two

    members of the Association nationals Ottoman

    A, Land to build Achva neighborhood. Neighborhood construction work was

    entrusted to the members of the Association of Contractors Abraham Hamburger

    and in-law Jacob Moses from, and two years later established neighborhood. The

    neighborhood is located between the neighborhoods of Jerusalem Zichron Moshe

    and the Street Kings of Israel.

    Book of regulations to establish the neighborhood stated: "We have come

    to the Soviet drive us the seat change and twenty houses, a house and a yard

    each, with synagogue

    built as loud to the Torah and to the prayer ... and

    called colony name Rates brotherhood, for the will We name a good sign that

    this project will have as big gate wide open".

    In 1899 Achva neighborhood was founded in Jaffa, south-west of Neve Tzedek

    and to the Neve

    Shalom, initiated by Elijah Aharon Kahana.

    In 1905, the Association Talmud Torah in Jaffa has been established which joined

    with the Bible

    study little secular.

    They called the place "brotherly room" and many of the local Haredi

    community supported him. In 1908 studied the eighty students. Administrator

    Heder appointed Dr. Joseph Halevi Seliger great support of Jaffa - Rabbi Abraham

    Isaac Kook. The name of the institution changed to "Tachkemoni",

    and prepared a plan which included - SECONDARY.




    World Achva book, Yellin (Editor), Jerusalem: 1946. (in Hebrew)


  29. Have you done your homework yet?

  30. Oh, Talmud Torah is bad is it? Thank you for letting us know

  31. What nonsense. Who told you that he only studied there for 1 year?

  32. You Golem! he was learning 60 daf per day.

  33. In any case, the shiur was given in Ohr sameach yeshiva, which is not Zionist. Did you actually listen to what it says, or is that assur in your little world?


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