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Violating the Vineyard" Update:

Wed., 4 Ellul, '79

By Binyomin Feinberg,

Contributor to The Jewish Press*

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As of now, Avigail L. H. risks arrest by Israeli military police for her courageous refusal to comply with anti-Torah Israeli draft orders - while her mother battles both cancer and the IDF simultaneously.


A 17 y/o Chabad girl in Israel, Avigail L. H., is under immediate threat of arrest, despite being under 18, because of her refusal to comply with Israeli military draft orders. Her mother, Mrs. Ruth E. H., a baalas teshuva, and a former Israeli Air Force captain, who has been battling cancer for seven years, is simultaneously battling the government's bizarre insistence on harassing her only daughter.

Avigail submitted her religious certification properly and on time. But, in February, just after she turned 17, her mother had a shocking conversation with a Jerusalem Draft Office official, Keren L. (now a Colonel). In that 
conversation, according to Mrs. H., Officer L. refused to accept that Avigail is Chareidi, and therefore legally entitled to a religious exemption." I will decide" that question she said, adding that "I will profane (or "violate") The Vineyard ("Achalail et HaKerem"), and I will start with your daughter."*

Since then, the family has been enduring incessant harassment by the IDF draft office. Now Avigail has been threatened with arrest.

It is Keren's antireligious agenda of "profaning the Vineyard" that is what appears to be behind the bizarre vendetta against this indisputably Chareidi teenage girl.

As the legal process proceeds, this needless battle takes a serious toll on the health of the severely ill mother. It's literally a situation of pickuach nefesh. B"H, an especially suitable attorney has been retained for this case.

Donations for attorney fees are needed. Donations may be made to "Shomrei Torah," 646-585-3044. Specifically designate funds for the case of Avigail Leah H..



  1. Is there any chance of getting this translated? It looks like important material.

  2. So all this fuss - so far, they have just made threats, of gius or jailtime, but neither has happened.
    Why has the rhetoric changed? No longer are you insinuating that she will chas v'shalom be forced into immorality and leaving the torah, but put in military prison. Military prison provides kosher food, siddurim, and religious facilties. there is no Yeharaig v'lo yaavor. Yeharaig is simply not an option. Yaavor is nothing to be oveir, since the maximuim they coudl enforce is to call her up. There is no d'oraita sin in serving int he army. But noting has happened, they are just threatening. They threaten a lot of people who refuse to serve.
    Perhaps that is why there are no responses to this post, other than berel's ever open opportunity to spread his crazy conspiracy theories.


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