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OUTRAGE in Israel:- Making Wickedness Great Again


19 Ellul 5779 / Sept. 19, '19

OUTRAGE in Israel:

Making Wickedness Great Again

By Binyomin Feinberg, Contributor to The Jewish Press*

*  The perspectives and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the ownership or management of The Jewish Press.


An indisputably religious girl, Ziva bas Mazel, was sentenced today to an outrageous THIRTY ONE DAYS IN MILITARY PRISON - all for her steadfast refusal to violate Torah Law - and her personal modesty - by enlisting into the Israeli military, the IDF.

Even according to Israeli law, religious girls are to be exempted from military service. There is no question about Ziva's religiosity. Additionally, her brothers learn in Yeshivos, and her parents are religious. For specifics, see ; also see this week's "Rabbi's Roundup" email newsletter, of the Coalition for Jewish Values.

For women to enlist in the IDF is forbidden by all Torah authorities, across the spectrum. Ziva is being persecuted for her dedication to follow the Torah. There is a name for that. It's "religious persecution." And it's happening now, in Israel. 

Ziva was already moved from the Ma'atzar Patu'ach at the Tel HaShomer military facility (where she was held since her arrest) to the closed Military Prison #4, where she has 22 more remaining days to serve.  G-d willing, massive public protest will dramatically shorten that. In Ellul in particular, it would be an indescribable kitrug against Klal Yisroel if we knowingly allow her to languish in jail any further.  She is being helped by "Bnos Melech," to whom letters of chizuk can be sent for Ziva, by email, or fax: 011-972-2-502-4400.

One thing so reprehensible about the government treatment of Ziva is their denial of her religious certification [which was submitted slightly-late] - based on the service of a family member in the IDF. Since that family member served in the Israeli military, a top military draft officer (with "Maitav")  refused to provide Ziva with a religious exemption. Thus, the military itself is taking the position that military service is a contradiction to being religious.  This position demolishes the entire massive and controversial multi-year campaign to draft more religious people into the military.

The military has been proclaiming for years how one can be Chareidi while serving in the IDF. The military been expending much effort, relentlessly, to convince religious boys and girls that military service is not contradictory to being religious.  

Maitav just called their own bluff.



Furthermore, we just received word of another religious girl,  Shenhav bas Adna, also incarcerated in Military Prison #4, who's religious exemption was for some reason denied. Her hearing is upcoming. Please stay tuned for updates.

Realize that often these girls are terribly mistreated in jail. Sometimes they are even denied kosher food and modest clothing. In some cases, the girl's insistence on modest clothing being denied to them results in being sent to solitary confinement. Solitary confinement is very difficult for most men, but for girls it is emotionally excruciating.

"What can I do?"

1. Please daven - and learn b'retzifus - in the merit of both Ziva bas Mazel and Shenhav bas Adna.

2. Think of how you can participate in helping out. One thing that is much-needed is intelligently done pirsum. 

Your support of these efforts may just be the merit that you need to be zocheh ba'Din this Rosh Hashanah. People look for all sorts of segulos. Helping free girls like these from military prison and from military service is one of the most potent merits with which one can enter Rosh Hashanah.

Please email us at if you would like to learn about some of the options available on how to most effectively volunteer your services.


We thank the Coalition for Jewish Values for helping publicize the  plight of Ziva bas Mazal, as well the plight of  numerous other girls being targeted by the Draft Office.  

We also must recognize The Jewish Press for the sentinel work they've been doing over the past eight months to help girls in trouble with the military draft, by simply reporting the news that we need to know. We know that it's not often easy to report news many find uncomfortable, and even jarring.


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