Sunday, September 22, 2019

Child-abusing daycare operator released from jail
A daycare center operator from central Israel was released to house arrest Sunday, drawing protests from neighbors, as well as the families of the alleged victims.

Carmel Mauda, 25, was released to house arrest Sunday, following a Supreme Court ruling last week enabling her to remain out of prison during her trial.

Last Thursday, the court ruled that because of the very specific nature of the kind of abuse Mauda carried out, she may be permitted to stay in house arrest until the end of her trial.

“Given that the dangers posed by Mauda are limited to the very specific circumstances of children under her care, it is decided that she may be released to house arrest, with limiting conditions,” wrote Justice Yitzhak Amit.

Mauda was originally slated to be released Thursday to house arrest at a home in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Following protests led by parents of the alleged victims, however, the family which was to have hosted Mauda backed out at the last minute.


  1. Israeli Judicial system always goes easy on child abusers. It's too many cases to be a coincidence. Rotten to the core. And Shaked did absolutely nothing to reform the judicial system like she claimed she would do.

  2. Sorry I can't use the exact language that first popped into my mind. Suffice to say I am not sure you know what you are talking about. Regardless of whether this person is guilty as accused or not, her sentence will depend on several factors; which judge or judges she gets, how much protectia she has, how good her lawyer is etc. I am personally familiar with 3 different cases in which the defendants all received sentences of 6 to 15 years all of whom were more likely innocent than guilty. So from my own personal experience, I have seen that the Israeli Judicial system does not always go easy on child abuse cases.
    Not sure where stands the judicial system at the present time. I have heard that it has improved and reformed over the past years. Maybe someone with more direct information could write an article on that or comment more in length.
    Wishing you and all the readers a good new year.

  3. Tell that to all the child abusers who flee to Israel because they refuse to extradite.

    "all of whom were more likely innocent than guilty" - SURE they were, Jan.

    And 6 years is a joke btw.
    There is no check on the power of the judicial system in Israel. The Supreme Court is filled with tyrants without any balance of power whatsoever. Facts are facts.


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