Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Riverdale Again Hit With ‘Shocking’ Abuse Case

Riverdale, a tight-knit, densely populated Modern Orthodox community in the Bronx, is reeling this week after a day school principal at Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy (SAR) was arrested by federal authorities last Friday on charges of possessing and producing child pornography and coercing a 14-year-old boy into sending him sexually explicit pictures.
Rabbi Jonathan Skolnick, 37, a popular middle school associate principal at the well-regarded school, was arrested at his Riverdale apartment by federal authorities late Friday night. The educator, who was fired by SAR, will be held until a detention hearing this week, according to a statement released Tuesday by the United States Attorney’s Office and the FBI.


  1. The spiritual risk of sending children to yeshiva is now clear. In case of sakanna, it's even permitted to break shabbat. Hence yeshivas should be assur.
    Better to go to regular school and college. Yeshiva is even more dangerous than the army.

  2. Here's your dream getting closer to being fulfilled.
    Labour Party members have backed “integrating” private schools into the public education system, effectively abolishing independent education, with the institutions’ assets being seized by the State and “redistributed” to other schools.

    The Labour Party took another swing to the far-left under socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn after its members voted on Sunday to back plans that would see a future Labour government abolish Britain’s private schools, signalling members want the motion included in the party’s next election manifesto...

  3. Not my dream. Somebody else's nightmare. BTW, you are the one who was advocating that YU shut down. Why? Because if gay student societies. But when there are gay teacher societies as in this and many menuval cases, then you remain silent or make excuses for the profession.

  4. You're the one who wrote:
    "Hence yeshivas should be assur. Better to go to regular school and college."
    So theoretically, you would be overjoyed if yeshivos are abolished in the UK.

    I never advocated that YU shut down.
    I argued that the school should FIGHT the deviants, in any way possible. They should have legally fought the student clubs when they first surfaced, and they should fight the current insurgency with all means possible.

  5. YU is fighting those student clubs.
    By refusing to recognize them.

  6. What were R' Aaron Soloveichik and R' Mordechai Gifter z"l so upset about?

  7. Because no one in telz cleveland tried to start such a sudent club. Or any other club.

  8. If YU wants to be a non-sectarian school, then they should remove the word "YESHIVA" from their name, to reflect the fact that they don't espouse yeshiva values. There's no law against renaming a school.

  9. these are very aberrant occurrences that say little to nothing about Yeshivas. The larger problem with Jewish Orthodox day schools is the failure to properly prepare students in non-religious subject areas that they need in to compete in the US workforce. that's a more common issue, and one that could easily be fixed if the will to do so was there.


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